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    Playing to Win.

    I expected to have some kind of argument about this but I think Jonas has it spot on about the whole teaching aspect. If you do murder people, drop hints, try to help them. The game is fun when you're roughly equal, and it's funner the higher the level you play at. If you do have an abusable...
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    Yah a fair number of the hardier bunch of fighting game players go to Otakon. Hrm good times. Well, I'll tell you if you got owned, it's the only way to get better. Or at least it's a helluva alot easier to get better that way.
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    Is Sony killing itself?

    I am largely of the view that the PS3 is rather expensive because of the Blu-Ray technology, not because Sony is getting "cocky". It's probably pretty expensive to produce. Who knows. And I think Spud was making the allusion that $600 per month was low. Indeed if over here in NY you can find a...
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    Street Fighter Contest Winners Announced

    Haha, thanks Pocket. And werd to that Voice :O!
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    Street Fighter Contest Winners Announced

    It's from Strider. I am 2 kewl 4 skewl. Oh and Spud I am as brilliant as the aforementioned :p.
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    The Off-topic and general boards

    I notice topics for the off-topic get put in the general, probably because people see general and well...put um there. i.e chat and YouTube topicPerhaps the off-topic should be moved to the top so it's more visible and the General changed to General Videogames.
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    The rule holds true for all smaller chat rooms: People have to idle. If people are on their computer but idling, then they will eventual see someone else there and go talk and stuff.
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    Rip Psp?

    Eh I think it exagerrates grossly. And Wii games for 40 dollars? lol at them. Unless that's confirmed. Frankly yah PSP doesn't have a killer app but it has solid games (and before I get 500 of you up my butt saying LOL NO ITS JUST PORTS AND X GAME THAT I HATE I happen to be interested in them...
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    Go DS!

    It's not as if it's a surprise. Nintendo always has dominated the portable market. And I will say it again: I doubt Sony tried to dethrone Nintendo. They sold a bunch of units, and they made some money. They are happy. PSP ain't no N-Gage :p. I am pretty sure the only record Nintendo broke of...
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    Cold Spud cold... Gratz but you don't beat my posts at the other forums we attend :p. I am after all, the spam master.
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    Wii to change the face of gaming

    Quoted for truth. Every once in a while a game will come along and make a frame work and numerous games will follow it. Street Fighter pretty much created a genre ;O. Just consider all the difference in fighting games to be within the tons of nuances that you are definetly not gonna find in the...
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    Wii to change the face of gaming

    You are a bastard...I'll get back to you in a little bit. Edit: Maybe not. Not sure if I am up to it lol. Feeling kinda lazy. Being as you don't really think that...RIGHT?!
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    Wii to change the face of gaming

    I think the problem is most of the people here who don't like Halo probably don't play it in multiplayer let alone online. Yes, most FPS' follow a similar concept in single player, go around shoot stuff. All of the various differences mentioned by Spuds are actually incredibly relavent online...
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    Big Trouble for SONY and the PS3

    VCR is dying, and we all know it will eventually. Then we have CDs, which in a number of fields have been replaced by DVDs, and perhaps one day DVDs will replace CDs for music and whatever we use um for when they are cheaper so we can have even higher bit-rates on our purchased music. I don't...
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    Wii's potential, socially

    Wow you are number 5000? That's pretty ominous. Hey, I trust him.