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    What if?

    To be honest, without any prior experience, most of us would probably die pretty quickly if this happened. It might be fun to think about and maybe experience for a little bit, but most games wouldn't be fun if you couldn't die or kill.
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    Making Your Own Game

    I have made a few small 2D games, mostly for my own entertainment. I use Eclipse and code with Java, but unfortunately I do not have any links as I do not make them for release. If you want to learn to code games and not use a game maker type of thing, I recommend learning Java online. If you...
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    do you pay for games

    I don't really pay for mobile games, mostly because they bore me soon after I get them. If I enjoy playing a game and have played for a while, I may occasionally purchase something.
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    How much time do you spend for mobile gaming?

    I usually just play on my phone when there is nothing else to do, maybe around half an hour to an hour a day. The reason for this is I find there are better stuff to do when there is a console or computer available, and they are much funner imo. I usually play on the bus and at night.
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    Plants vs. Zombies

    I think it is really annoying when games pretty much require in-game purchases. Instead of this, they should just make it cost more or have some type of ad system. Many of the mobile games that I play let you download apps or watch ads as an alternative to purchasing things, and I find this great.
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    Mobile game to play over the holidays?

    I like playing puzzles such as Sudoku and sometimes simulators. If you are interested in pokemon or other gameboy games, you could also get an emulator which I find fun and time consuming. One of the apps I use the most is iFunny, but even though it isn't really a game it is still entertaining.
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    Did you ever own a Gameboy Color?

    I had many games on my Gameboy Color, and my favorite would definitely be Pokemon Red. Fortunately I can recreate the experience with the tons of emulators available.
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    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    I like to program, mostly in Java and PHP. Im also a runner so I 'enoy' that(after I stop). Most days I go out with friends after doing homework which is lots of fun.
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    What is your current phone?

    I have a Nexus 5, and I am very happy with it. I got it a few months ago and it works great. Hasn't lagged much at all, and plenty of great apps on the Play Store, but the main reason I got an android phone was to program with it.
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    If you have young kids in your house, I would recommend the kinect. It has fun games and can keep them busy and happy for a while. If it's just older people though and none of you use it, you probably shouldn't get it.
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    Where do you buy your games?

    If possible, I prefer to have a physical copy of a game, which I usually get from PlayNTrade or GameStop. When I buy games online it is usually from steam, but I do not have many. Usually I play F2P games, so if those count I get a lot of games from the developer's website.
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    What's your favorite F2P game?

    My favorite game right now would probably be either League of Legends or TERA. I have played LoL for a long time and it is pretty fun, but I'm starting to play TERA a lot and it seems like a good game. One great feature of TERA that I enjoy is the free market.
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    Are simulator games getting old?

    I do not think that simulators are getting old, but I have only played and seen a few. Having a lot of games from one genre is not necessarily a bad thing, as you have many choices, like FPS's. Even though there are lots out there, there are still few very popular ones. As long as there are not...
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    What is your definition of "gaming" when it comes to mobile?

    I believe that no games should be excluded from classifying you as a gamer, as long as you are dedicated. Although someone who plays once in a while is a 'gamer', they shouldn't be classified as one. I think you should have had to play multiple games at one point and generally enjoy games, not...