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    Who else is excited for Pokemon Go!?

    I'm cautiously optimist about it. These things usually never end up being as cool as the concept, but if anyone can pull this off, I feel like Nintendo probably has the best shot. My phone is a bit dated (Samsung Galaxy S2 but running most recent version of Android thanks to custom rom), so I'm...
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    I owned an Atari was a kid, and I'm happy to say that I'm in the same age range as you two. Atari, on a personal level, is what starting my interest in gaming. From Pitfall! to Yars Revenge, Missile Command to Space Invaders, we had them all. I clearly remember playing Combat with my dad, and...
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    Favourite old school controller?

    I think the Super Nintendo controller would be my all-time old school controller, with the Xbox 360 controller perfecting it and being the ultimate one. The NES one could get uncomfortable, and the Super NES controller took everything that went right and just made it better. Personally, I've...
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    What Steam game are you hoping will be in the Steam winter sales this year?

    I've been keeping an eye on Grim Fandango for a while, I want to get it when it's ridiculously cheap. I don't have anything else that I'm specifically looking for other than good Sim games. Not The Sims specifically, but stuff like Railroad Tycoon or RollerCoaster Tycoon, etc. I've been in the...
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    What irritates you the most about other players?

    I used to get a lot more bothered with people online, but now I find that I can either laugh at them or block them. Games have come a long way to help with griefing, kill stealing, etc. You can usually block someone, kick someone or ignore them. For example, the current MMO that I'm playing (DC...
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    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    I looooooooooove cheating in games, but not multiplayer ones. I'll pop on God mode, infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite money, infinite magic/mana, all that stuff, it's so much fun to be invincible and just go crazy in games, I can't help it! But that being said, when it comes to...
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    Which 'Legendary' Game Series Have You Never Played?

    First of all, a bit off-topic but your Nightman avatar from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is AWESOME. I love that show, in fact we're watching it from the start again, and it's even better after repeat viewing. Some of the stuff in season 3 is still referenced in further seasons. Anyways...
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    Which 'Legendary' Game Series Have You Never Played?

    There's got to be one really, REALLY popular AAA game series that you've never played? Another popular game series that I've barely played is Pokémon. Except for Pokémon Yellow on the Game Boy, I've never played any of the sequels.
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    What old school PC game would you want to see updated?

    I could be wrong but aren't there mods you can download for Minecraft that gives it a more upgraded graphics look? I seem to remember reading about it, but never looked it up myself since I'm not much of a Minecraft player.
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    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    Is Minecraft Free-to-Play though? I'm fairly certain you have to pay for it, even though I think it's pretty cheap.
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    What movie or show would you like to see turned into a game?

    Your wish has been granted as Saw: The Video Game exists! It was released in 2009 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows. It got decent reviews (7.5/10 or so) and even spawned a sequel which unfortunately got worst reviews than the first one. I've never played either game myself, but I'm going...
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    I'd always heard about the Humble Bundle but only just recently purchased my first one... And it's AWESOME. I can't believe how many games I got for the very modest sum of $9 USD! I think I may dip into this Humble Bundle a lot more often now! :D
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    Games With Gold

    Thanks for the input PlayStationers but this is an Xbox thread. :P I'm sure PS+ has great offerings, so go ahead and create a thread about it. :P Back on topic, this month's Xbox offerings are: Xbox One Pneuma: Breath of Life from November 1st to November 30th. The Walking Dead: The Complete...
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    Favourite Game While Medicated?

    Here's one that's a bit... Weird... But it's Euro Truck Simulator 2 - basically you drive around Europe doing deliveries in your truck. It's quite serene, and the graphics are great. Plus you can just zone out since you know, you're driving along hahaha. It's my new addiction. :)
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    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    DC Universe Online! I'm addicted to this game, so I'm a bit biased but it's a lot of fun. They keep adding more content, and the F2P portion is good enough to give you many hours of superhero fun! That being said, I do pay monthly for it since I don't like restrictions. :)