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    Streams you watch?

    I love to watch streams on my free time. It allows you to connect with different people that play games that you like. One of my favorite streamers is named Forsenlol. He usually streams games like hearthstone and H1Z1.
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    Have Games taught you anything?

    Games have taught me many useful skills while I was young. I remember learning vocabulary just from MMO's while talking to different people. Some games also teach you how to multitask or even run a business.
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    Do you think companies should do away with consoles and just make games for PC

    I do not think that companies should just do away with consoles because there is still a lot of popularity among the newest gaming consoles. Gaming consoles are usually directed towards people who like casual and single player games. If PlayStation or Xbox would just make games for the PC...
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    Too old to play games?

    There is certainly not an age limit that you stop having fun with games. People enjoy playing games from their childhood and into their adulthood. When you grow up as a gamer, you will always be someone who buys and enjoys the newest games.
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    What PC game in your opinion has the best community?

    Having a good community within a game is a very difficult title to maintain. Most games are very competitive and include people that take the game too seriously. So, I would have to say that the game with the best community is Minecraft because it is a slow paced casual game where people just...
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    Do you prefer the pc version of games over the console?

    I prefer to be involved in PC games rather than any other platform. If you do not want to play the game with the keyboard, you can simply connect a controller. Usually the graphics are much better on PC, and if you have a question about the game that you are playing, you can just tab out of...