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    It's October, what horror games have you played so far?

    The Dark Descent was really good, I didn't like Machine For Pigs at all though.
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    Broforce finally out of early access.

    With Broforce out of early access I thought it was worth talking about. Broforce is a fast paced 2D action game with players controlling various Bro'd versions of action movie heroes (and villians!) in a fight against terrorist forces, aliens, and even Satan himself. Levels are short and fast...
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    It's October, what horror games have you played so far?

    So far for me it's been- Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines Based on the table top series, it's a role playing game set in Modern Day (for the time) California along the cost. The player finds themselves a vampire (class your choice) amidst a faction war with everyone pulling at you to join...
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    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    Tera's free if you can run it. It's less MMO and more action combat game with a lot of people running around.
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    gaming on a budget...

    There's a lot of free games out there, I Wanna Be The Guy has thousands of fan games dedicated to it so if kids want difficult games they have those. There's also a ton of free games on steam that have low minimum requirements. Used game stores also make gaming on a budget easier than it used...
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    What is the very first video game you remember playing...

    Super Mario Bros for the NES. Granted it was less actually playing and more jumping in holes. Because I was like, 2.
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    Digital Camera

    I got an Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera, got it in bright orange so it'd be hard to lose. I've had it since 2013 and it's been an all right camera but I think something is starting to go with it it's having trouble picking up similar colors. It's especially noticeable with blues and...
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    A ton of Sega Genesis games on the cheap on Amazon!

    Link- $2.62 for the following Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Soldier Alien Storm Altered Beast Beyond Oasis / The Story of Thor Bio-Hazard Battle Bonanza Bros. Columns Columns III Comix Zone Crack Down Decap Attack Dynamite Headdy Ecco Jr. Ecco the...
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    What consoles do you currently own that still work?

    I still have my Super Nintendo and it's not going anywhere. I have Contra 3, Super Metroid, A Link To The Past, Starfox and Bart's Nightmare for it still too. I should go out and hunt for some more games soon, have had plenty of luck at yard sales and flea markets before.
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    Competitive Counterstrike

    I'm not really rooting for any singular team I just hope for some good games.
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    Do You Buy Games On Day-one Release?

    I bought Castle In The Darkness on release, it was $4.98 and I do enjoy some old school platformers. I definitely enjoyed it and even got 100% in it!
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    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    The only game that's given me motion sickness was Arma 2, but that was just from the headbob and when I turned that off I was fine.
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    Favorite video game music?

    The Final Fantasy, Mega Man, and Metroid series all have wonderful soundtracks worth checking out.
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    Hey guys! Recommend me some cheap PC games that I can sink time into!

    Castle in the Darkness a cheap, retrostyle platformer Dead Pixels shoot all the zambies in a 2D sidescroller Muri old style dos platformers like Duke Nukem (the old ones) and Commander Keen (which are also good) Sega Genesis classic packs are on steam plenty of good stuff in the under $5...
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    Competitive Counterstrike

    For those that like that sort of thing ESL qualifiers is going on. Watch teams from around the world play competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive! This event is a Best of 1 qualifier for the big ESL Katowice tournament later in the year. There's also other...