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    Your top PC games of all time?

    My personal top PC game of all time would definitely probably have to be the Sims series. I absolutely love it and for some reason I could play 24/7. I love the life simulation and that there are goals to meet through out the game. I also love that the options for things are endless - especially...
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    What makes a video game great and why?

    For me the best thing about video games is great graphics and also I love free roam. I hate being stuck in a car or building and I love to be able to get out and run around and explore the world that I am in. I also love anything simulation!
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    What makes a video game great and why?

    Two things that make a video game great for me are open worldness and also survival. I love games that include any of those two things therefore those are the ultimate games for me. Mainly open world. I love anything open world and hate to be restricted in a game. I want to explore!!!!
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    Most Favorite Open-World Game?

    My favorite open world games would have to be the whole GTA Series. I have loved all the games and wish every game was made just like them. I love the maps and the open world adventure concept of it. I hate games where you have to follow specific guidelines and can't roam freely around.
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    Do you think about you the games you play

    Yes, I often find myself doing this actually lol. And I see no harm done in doing it.. I mean why not take yourself to an awesome virtual world for a little bit then this crappy reality. lol. Sometimes I play stupid online games just for entertainment though and I could care less about those...
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    Which Console Do You Think Is Better?

    I personally love the PS4 console. I love the look of it and I love the system in it so much more then XBOX1 which is what the debate was about. I also love the feel of the controller so much better. My brother got an Xbox1 and has had nothing but problems with it really (good thing he doesn't...
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    How many hours gaming?

    It all depends how I am feeling as to how much time I spend playing video games. It really varies everyday. On an average I would say that I spend 2-3 hours in total playing videos games. I am not a complete junkie like I am sure some of you are but I really do enjoy it .
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    One game that I am addicted to I would have to say is definitely Sims 3. For some reason I could play this game day and night and never ever get sick of it. I find I can never build the biggest house or have the biggest family, so many baby names I want to use , they all have different...
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    Scary Games

    I hate playing scary games. Especially anything with zombies. It is not that I am scared of them I just find zombies annoying and pointless. I like open world happy games where you feel like you are driving along the coast of California with the beautiful landscape!
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    Which do you prefer? Sims 3 or Sims 4?

    Thank you all for your responses! I played the demo online when it came out and I definitely think I am going to wait because I love everything about Sims 3, and will be so disappointed with it gone.
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    Do you think media causes violence?

    I have to say that I some what agree with this. I don't think that the media 100% causes violence but I do think that it certainly doesn't help portray violence in the best way possible either. I have seen some pretty disgusting things in commercials being shown in front of children's eyes and...
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    Reasons for not buying a PS4 just yet

    I don't really see the point in upgrading from the PS3 to the PS4 if you already have a PS3 because you are going to pay a large amount of money for not that much more and if you were to just wait a few years, even one year the price of the PS4 would probably drop drastically.
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    Where do you buy your games?

    We usually buy our games from EB Games or Gamestop. My boyfriend likes to have the actual disk. We have bought a couple games online (web version) but we like to buy them at a physical store more :)
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    Have Games taught you anything?

    I have this conversation often with my boyfriend. We both agree that playing video games has taught us so much about life! I could go through a whole list. Driving games have helped us both be better drivers in real life and learn different rules of the roads, and help us also learn to follow...
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    Which do you prefer? Sims 3 or Sims 4?

    Hey Everyone! I was just looking for some opinions here! I wanted to know what Sims game you liked the best? Sims 3 or Sims 4? I was looking forward to Sims 4 for sooo long and when it finally came out, I was sooo disappointed. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. I hated it, and am back to...