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    Kinect (The effects of motion sensing on Gaming)

    I am very disappointed with the lack of games that use the Kinect for this kind of play. It seems a natural to me. We have found 1 game that does this: Rise of Nightmares. You get to stab and punch and kick creepy zombie-like creatures, swim, and climb via the Kinect. There should be more games...
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    Free Games For Xbox 360.

    Are these full version games? My son has downloaded some demo games. I've wanted to try a Rayman games, and my daughter loves the Bioshock games. We have Xbox Live Gold. Any special way to find these free games? BTW, thanks for posting this. I love free.
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    Do you trade in old games or sell them?

    I'm a bit of a hoarder, so tend to keep my old games. The ones that I would want to sell would get me so little it's not really worth the trouble. If I absolutely know neither me or my kids will play a game again, I usually just toss it in a Goodwill box and am done with it.
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    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    I enjoy playing Munchkin Cthulu with my kids. We also have lots of classic games (Yatzee, Life, Monopoly, Mousetrap) as well as Ticket to Ride, Qwirkle, and many more. If I got tired of that, we have numerous 1000+ jigsaw puzzles. Then there's the decks of cards... Yeah, we'd be intertained.
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    Too old to play games?

    NEVER too old to play. I'm 48 and love Assassin's Creed and the Elder Scrolls series'. I also play casual games on the PC and a variety of mobile games. What is the point of being a grown up if you don't do what you enjoy?
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    Parents: Do you follow the rating labels when buying a game for kids?

    My daughter (16 yr old) thinks my rules are fickle and arbitrary. We have the Assassin's Creed series (except the newest ones), LA Noir, CoD, Skyrim, and several other M rated games. She has been playing AC for a couple years and CoD even longer. At the same time, I will not let her play Grand...
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    Old School/classic games?

    I'm not sure where to find original text based games but this website: has hundreds of user made games and quite a few of them are extremely fun. As for old games in general, you can find almost any DOS game you can think of online for free and they will run on any modern...
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    Would you play games that were designed to help you mentally?

    Here's an article from Game Informer about how playing games affects dreams. I remember a different article about games in development that are emotion based. I wish I could remember exactly what that was about. If I find it I'll post it. I, for one, would be interested in playing games that...
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    Amazon App Store

    I'm not sure how it happened, but I ended up with a relatively big promo credit for Amazon App store. I'm wondering if others use their app store regularly. Are there some things offered there that are not available at Google Play? What apps would you buy if you had "free money."
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    Android vs ios for game play

    We have a few devices with iOS in our home, but I prefer Android. I get annoyed with the iTunes interface, having to authorize the computer the limitations with all of that. I also like the bigger screen most Android phones have (I love my Galaxy S4.) And like many others have said, I really...
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    Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

    Has anyone else played this? We borrowed it through Game Fly and *love* it. It's a very different, anime based game. There's a section that is incredibly frustrating, but overall a lot of fun, and has super creepy, random things like this weird guy in a duck mask who pops up to sell stuff. I...
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    Older gamers? Remember when Pong came out?

    My daughter tells me that I am not an actual "gamer," but am someone who really likes to play games. Another thread here asked about what your first game was. I'm wondering how many "older" gamers are on here? My driver's license clearly states that I should be an adult, but my kids will testify...
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    What is the very first video game you remember playing...

    My first video game was Pong. Yes. Pong, way back in the 70's. We bought it to play at home. We were trendsetters. I remember spending hours watching that little white dot going back and forth, playing against my sisters. There is a certain fondness in my heart for that game....
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    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    I get this big time. I cannot play Call of Duty because of this (probably not any FPS, but CoD is the only one I've tried). I play Assassin's Creed and have no trouble with that. On Skyrim, I have to mostly play in 3rd person, but get close in for fights. My daughter had to do the intro for me...
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    Is anyone else getting tired of farming games?

    I got seriously addicted to farming games for a while. I had to quit cold turkey. They get so addictive, because you *have* to keep checking to harvest crops, etc. And it would keep me on because, you know, 1 more minutes and then I can harvest. I still play facebook games, but I refuse to play...