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    Your Christmas Wishlist

    For me, I would like to have a new desktop/PC. I'm currently using a laptop and I can't do much with it, especially with all my gaming and audio needs. Well, this is only wishful thinking, though! I don't think anyone would give me something like that as a gift. How about you? What's on your...
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    Youtube Addictioni

    Really? Well, this is something interesting! Since you've mentioned it, I'll go ahead and look up this video now. I'm curious. And don't tell me the "real" cause of death yet, we don't want to spoil the fun! I hope I don't get disappointed, though.
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    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    I think I can survive a full 24 hours without a screen, but in one condition: you have to keep me busy with other things. School, work, basically anything that would make me busy. Because if you leave me idle for a while and I can't access my phone or my laptop, I will not be able to take it...
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    Bejewled Twist

    Is it different from Bejeweled Blitz? I have that game on my iPod and I love playing it. It's a decent time killer and for a one-minute game, it's pretty good. It's also addicting and the graphics are nice and high-quality. I introduced this game to my mom and she loved it as well!
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    Recommendations for Mobile Games

    Clash of Clans and Hay Day are both from Supercell, and they're both good games. However, you'll need an internet connection to play it. I'm currently playing Dungeon Quest, and it's a nice game as well. It doesn't need any internet connection for it to work. Give it a try.
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    Who or what would you like to cosplay as?

    If given the chance and resources, I would like to cosplay Mrs. Lovette from Sweeney Todd. I'm a fan of anything that's gothic and dark-themed and Mrs. Lovette fits my preference perfectly. I love the dresses that she wore on the movie and it would be really nice if I can wear them!
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    Youtube Addictioni

    Aside from playing games and going online, these past few days, I've been lurking around youtube and I'm getting quite entertained. Well, not quite -- probably too entertained. I've noticed that I'm no longer being so productive because when I get any spare time, I'll just use it to watch...
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    the saga games

    I'm also on the same side as yours. I've tried playing Candy Crush only because there was a lot of hype about it and I thought that it was really, really good. However, after playing it, I found it to be a bit mediocre. I think these kind of games are just way too overrated. Not really sure why...
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    Hay Day

    I'm not a big fan of casual gaming but I love them in a way. It kills time perfectly and it's nice to just see your farm (or whatever it is that you're playing) progressing and looking better. I personally like Hay Day, mainly because the graphics are amazing. Anyone here who loves Hay Day, too?
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    Moy, that adorable purple thing

    I think I've seen this once on Google Play. It's like Pou, right? It looks adorable and it's so cute. I think it's cuter than Pou (which really looks like a poo to me, and it grosses me out.) and I would love to have it in my phone as well. It reminds me of Grimace from McDonalds, though. Sorry...
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    Older Gamers

    Yes, I sometimes play with older gamers and I don't see any reason why I should not. Age doesn't really matter when it comes to gaming. As long as they're physically fit for gaming, then why not? I even know some older gamers who can play better than I can.
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    Game genres

    I love simulation and RPG games the most. I find these genres more enjoyable than the rest. For simulation games, though, I only play Sims and Hay day. Never mind the rest. There's just too many new simulation games out there that doesn't even make sense (in my own opinion,) and I'm not liking it.
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    Are simulator games getting old?

    I can't say that simulation games are getting old, because I don't think that it is. I think what's happening is that there are a lot of simulation games that are being released now that doesn't make sense anymore. Goat Simulator? I can't even imagine playing that. I've even seen this game...
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    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    That would be really hard because I barely play any other games aside from those that are accessed electronically. Probably scrabble? Or any other board game aside from monopoly because I did not get to learn how to play that game. Or maybe I can go back to playing Sudoku.
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    Games You Are Bad At

    I have to admit, I'm really bad at playing any racing game. I don't know if it's just me, or probably I don't have any sense of balance. I'm actually not really sure what's the reason why. But I can't really win in this gaming genre. Maybe it's just not for me.