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    Do you play Minecraft?

    I used to be into Minecraft when I played with my friends. I've always wanted to start a huge minecraft server but I never had any experience making one or running one, so I kinda got turned off from playing minecraft.
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    How did play the original Game boy so much as a kid?

    I used to have a Gameboy Color and besides the screen being dark without a light attachment, it played pretty well. Of course I do stare at screens for hours on end everyday though. I've gotten used to staring at screens no matter how tiny they are.
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    In-Game Purchases

    Many games on the smartphone market offer a "freemium" sales strategy where you play through your favorite games without having to pay for an upfront price however companies replace the app price with in-game transactions. While most freemium games allow the players to get fairly far without...
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    Bejewled Twist

    I found Bejeweled Twist to be an interesting twist on the original Bejeweled. Turning gems in a pack of four compared to just selecting two, adds a new level of complicity. I think its a nice change and they should make more games like it.
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    do you pay for games

    When it comes to mobile games, I tend to mostly download free games but sometimes I'll buy an app or two but only if I know it is highly rated. Freemium games with options purchases are better than games where you need to buy them on the spot.
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    Recommendations for Mobile Games

    You might want to try out the Zenonia series on iOS, it pays homage to old school rpgs. Along with multiple classes you can choose, the gameplay can go on for awhile. There is even a new game+ option so you can continue leveling your characters past level 50.
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    What kind of device do you have and how good is it for gaming?

    I own an iPhone 5C and I have to say it runs games extremely well. With processor of the iPhone 5C being stronger than most other iphones, it can run some pretty graphical intense games such as Infinity Blade. Of course though I'm not too much of a mobile gamer, I like to play on handhelds more.
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    Top 3 Exclusive PS3 Games

    Well I know what some will people will say are the best exclusives for PS3 but these are my favorites: 1. Last of Us 2. God of War III 3. Katamari Forever Besides those the Playstation 3 has many other great games to play. It is easily one of my favorite systems that I own.
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    Older systems?

    I always hang on to my old systems as well as my games. I'm a collector and if I know something from experience is that after awhile I will gain the urge to play a certain console or game again. Due to my carefulness with my systems and games, they are all in perfect condition and I know if I...
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    Minecraft Opinions

    I'm a fan of Minecraft however something that is common in all creative games, it tends to become boring over time. Once you have everything in Minecraft, you lose the sense to play anymore due to your will to obtain new stuff being filled. I feel if you want to extend your interest in...
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    Do you do a lot of farming in the games you play?

    Farming can get tedious at times online however to it is something that all gamers often result in doing to obtain what they want. I don't mind farming as long as whatever I am farming for has a decent drop rate. However if the drop rate for my said farming only shows up every 1000 monsters or...
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    Do you like single player or multi player content better?

    I tend to enjoy single player the most since it gives me the most enjoyment. I only tend to like multiplayer if its free to play or possibly co-op. Single Player tends to offer deep story however multiplayer adds multiple hours of fun with friends. I guess it really comes down to what game you...
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    Ruby Vs. Saphire, let the battle begin.

    I usually buy my pokemon games in terms of how I find the legendary's appearance. I bought Ruby when I was younger and I have to admit it was one of my favorite titles in the pokemon series as well as Groudon still being one of my favorite legendaries. I have nothing against Kyogre however, I...
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    Any good RPGs?

    While alot of people may not know about this title, I find the game Lock's Quest pretty fun. It offers a build and fight mechanic, where you set up your defense with the allowed units provided every match by placing walls, gates, and turrets before being bombarded with waves of Clockwork...
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    Is the DS a chick system?

    Its not that the DS is a "chick system", but it has a more friendly game selection. Nintendo games are mostly for people of all ages and genders compared to the hardcore gaming that Sony and Microsoft offer. The portability of the DS also allows for easier gaming on the go, so gamers can play...