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    Wii U hard drive space

    yeah hard drive space is a real Issue with nintendo. I used some homebrew software to add a exteral hard drive and SD card for extra storage on my Wii.
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    What are some good Indie PC Games?

    Torchlight I& II are pretty good indie games.
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    ROM Hacks and Translations

    I really like the pokemon burning heart gold rom hack.
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    Digimon World 3

    I always get nostaligic when I replay my old pokemon gold .
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    Any Tony Hawk fans here?

    I love Tony hawk. I used to play tony hawk pro skater 4 with my younger brother all the time when we were little.
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I usually upgrade my rig once every 5-6 years. That way I get the most bang for my buck.
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    Does anyone still play their old DS consoles?

    I still play my DS from time to time, but I have a mod card in it so it has a lot of extra features making it more appealing then a standard DS.
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    PC Version Vs. Console Version for older games.

    There are many older games that are better on PC because they have PC only extras and mods that the console versions do not. Of course it all depends on if you want to use a mouse and keyboard or a controller.
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    Hello all, I'm just you're averge gamer nothing special to see here.

    Hello all, I'm just you're averge gamer nothing special to see here.
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    What is your favourite type of game?

    I prefer open world RPG's like fallout 3 or the elder scrolls series, but sometimes a light hearthed JRPG is nice too.
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    What consoles do you currently own that still work?

    the consoles I have that still work are, PS1,PS2,Sega Genesis,DS and Wii. To be honest I use the ps1 & 2 more then the Wii as they have the nostalgia factor and a better selection of games.
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    Favorite video game music?

    My favorite Video game music is the Friends from Final Fantasy Album which is a compilation of various songs mostly by Nobu from the final fantasy series. The melodies that man writes pull at your heart strings and are so beautiful words cannot describe them.
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    Do you have an extensive collection of games?

    I have kept every game I have bought since 1994 , so it's quite a collection of PC,super Nintendo,Sega Genesis,PS 1,PS2,PS3 and Wii or DS games. Many of them carry such fond memories I can't bear to part with them.
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    Final Fantasy 7, The good old days

    I remember saving all my allowance money to buy the game a few months after it came out. I know it doesn't compare to modern games but,it was like no other game at the time.It had amazing music by Nobu and cutting edge 3d graphics and a story that left you in tears. I played over 200 hours...
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    Bauldurs hate

    I played a lot of Baulders gate and Baulders gate II when I was young , had a lot of fun playing against my friends who also had it seeing who could get the best gear,play-through etc. I still get nostalgic about it from time to time.