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    PS3/PS4 and RPG's

    I loved playing turn-based and action RPG's on my PS1 and PS2, but when the PS3 came out. It seems like gaming companies stopped making these kinds of games. It is my understanding that PS3 and PS4 are more geared around MMO, which is why I never got one. I don't like playing with others; I...
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    First Person Shooter

    My favorite first person shooter was Doom 2 for PC. I played this game so much and had so much fun bonding with my brother while playing it and watching him play it. I think it may be the only first person shooter I have played. Maybe I should try some more since I really enjoyed this one.
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    What is your favourite type of game?

    My favorite type of game is turn-based rpg, followed by action rpg. I enjoy getting to know the characters and working on leveling them up extensively. If I remember correctly, I got into these types of games in the early 2000's. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the gaming companies make...
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    What game stands the test of time?

    There are a few games that stand the test of time for me. Most notably, because it's the oldest, is Legend of Dragoon. It's a PS1 rpg from the late 90's or early 2000's and not a particularly popular one it seems. Some others are Shadow Hearts 2, the Onimusha series and FFX.
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    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for PC

    I would say that it takes about 30 hours or so to finish the game. It has been a few years since I played it. It probably isn't the most high quality game ever, but it was so charming and fun that I still have pleasant memories of it.
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    Favorite video game music?

    Some of my favorite game soundtracks include: Shadow Hearts 2, FFX, Chrono Cross, and Xenosaga. A lot of the songs I like from video games are background music without vocals, but I do like a some with vocals. I still listen to all the old game songs on my Ipod to this day.
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    What consoles do you currently own that still work?

    I have PS1 and PS2 and I am pretty sure they both work, but I don't have a tv to find out. I pretty much stopped playing new games once the PS3 came out. Game companies just weren't making the kinds of games that I like to play anymore.
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    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for PC

    I played Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on my pc so much. That game was seriously fun, but very casual, so it may not have been everyone's cup of tea. It was charming and challenging enough to keep me coming back again and again. Did anyone else play this game?
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    Games You Are Bad At

    I admit to being completely terrible at Resident Evil 4. My sister and I bought that game together and could only play for 5 minutes without getting killed, which is why I like having cheat codes. With cheat codes I can still enjoy games that I wouldn't be able to otherwise.
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    Favorite thing about Chrono Cross

    I have songs from Chrono Cross on my Ipod to this day and the game had so many great and memorable characters. I'm pretty sure I still have the game somewhere. I would play it again if I had a tv. I am the kind of gamer that has to level up all the characters, so it was extra fun having so...
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    Too old to play games?

    I am 34 and I know that I will always love my games. I admit I'm not really into the newer games or MMO's. I don't think there is a cutoff, you can like what you like all your life. I know I will also always love and enjoy anime, which tends to go with gaming. I often get a negative response...
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    on your own?

    I have almost always played games by myself. When online games came out, they didn't interest me at all and they still don't. It was fun having bonding time with my sister just playing with the two of us. Now, I only really play casual games since I don't have a tv at the moment.
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    Types of gamers

    I used to be more of a core gamer, but in recent years companies just aren't making the kinds of games I like to play and I just don't have as much time. The last console that I played was PS2, which I played heavily. I still have my PS2 and would consider getting out some of my old favorites...
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    Has anyone played Legend of Dragoon?

    It is a very old PS1 rpg, from the early 2000's, maybe even 90's. It is still my favorite game. The story, characters, and gameplay are still the best for me after all these years. I only wish I could play it on a PS2 and save my progress. Does anyone else have any experience with this game?