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    Resident Evil 5 Demo

    The idea of having co-op in resident evil excites me. I loved RE:0 because of the psudo-co-op they had going.
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    Sega Genisis!!!!

    I liked how the original genesis had a headphone jack
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    How long have you been here?

    since '05
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    Movie Rentals

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    Adventure of Link

    That game is way harder than metriod! I can't believe they make you start from the beginning after every game over! Eventually beating that game is one of my personal goals in life. I've never even made it that far into it. I'd be vary impressed to see if anyone even made it to ganon's castle.
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    Movie Rentals

    There wil be blood and No country for old men if you haven't already seen them
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    George Foreman Grill

    yeah those things are awesome. They make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.
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    2D fighting games are making a comeback!

    how bout that new King of Fighters that's coming out?
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    2D fighting games are making a comeback!

    I have a lot of confidence in this title because I feel it has a point to prove. I just hope it doesn't suck. Have you played Arcana Heart at all? does that suck??? It looks like melty blood except...slower?
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    2D fighting games are making a comeback!

    BlazBlue > Guilty Gear
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    Mega Man 9

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    2D fighting games are making a comeback!

    BLAZBLUE: "Guilty Gear's hotter, sexier, and thicker cousin.
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    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes

    hmmm...megaman trigger's been confirmed dammit, if there are samurai pizza cats in this game, and i can't play it, my head will explode...
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    Still Playing PS2?

    currently playing: -FFX -Grandia 3 (still stuck. can't beat the melc crystal!) -Area 51 -(embarrased to say) Capcom fighting evolution
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    My God! THE ORIGINAL METROID IS SO HARD!!! I realized that the original was the only one I hadn't beaten, so I've been playing it a lot recently. It's maddening how cheap some parts are.