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    Favorite 3DS Games?

    Luigi's Mansion, Castlevania and both Zelda titles for me. Nintendo knows how to do first party best, and i've always been a fan of Castlevania so all these games are wins for me.
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    Game Give Away 2015!!!

    Is it wrong to want a stream of Wii shovelware titles? I need my fill of classics like Balls of Fury, Ninjabread Man and my personal favourite Alvin and the Chipmunks. It's those games that grandma finds in the Walmart bargain bin and gets you for Christmas knowing how much you like vidya games.
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    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    I'll play anything, just not super into racing games and old-school styled rpg's (action-rpg's are totally fine though). I generally spend most of my time with Action games, particularly the DMC's and Bayonetta's of the world, shooters or stealth games.
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    What Are the Best Wii Games?

    No More Heroes, it's not really the kind of game you'd expect on the Wii which makes it even better. Ridiculously over the top in terms of everything, especially characters and violence, good humour and a cool art style, such a memorable experience for me.
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    Who is your favorite viedo game character of all time and why?

    Solid Snake. The voice, the beard, the total unwavering badassery. Such a cool character with an interesting backstory, personality, and his skills are renowned like his father Big Boss.
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    How is the gameplay for COD Advanced Warfare

    It's definitely a fun game, and seems to be a result of the developers actually putting effort into it unless the last few COD titles which were just terrible. The campaign is pretty much what you expect from the series, all action and set-pieces, but the multiplayer is definitely made better...
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    End of 2014 Discussion

    The issue is This is pretty much the main and only argument that sums the Vita's issues up. There's a reason Nintendo is crushing in terms of handheld sales compared to the Vita, and that's because Nintendo has actual first party games instead of Hatsune Miku. The OP listed "Lego Ninjago" as...
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    New Games On Your Christmas List???

    Far Cry 4 is then only game I don't have yet that I'd really like to play, I loved the third game and got 100% completion in it so I expect i'll be doing the same with the 4th.
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    How many hours gaming?

    About 2 hours of Dota 2 daily, then a few hours on my PS4 playing whatever. Just graduated from uni and work has been slow so I have a lot more time to play recently, especially considering it's the holidays.
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    Older systems?

    I hang on to all my games and consoles, no reason to sell them and make nothing back, and I plan to just make a collection out of all the games I have in the future. Plus it's never a bad time to play some N64 or PS2 classics.
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    In-Game Purchases

    Never bought in-game purchases, it's just a huge waste. Most of the games that have iap's are really simplistic but kind of addictive, and make you want to play by throwing out tonnes of little rewards and resources and stuff so you think you're doing well. Then it quickly cuts you off from...
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    Fave Smash Characters

    Shulk and Luigi would be my favourites. I love the fact Shulk can switch his defensive and offensive abilities using his arts, and he has the best quotes. Never thought "I'm really feeling it!" would ever be something I can't get out of my head.
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    What have you gotten in the Steam Christmas sales so far?

    So far just Dota items, until I buy a desktop pc or grab a new laptop I'd have to wait to play any games I bought and I have enough on the PS4 to keep me going for a while. If I was to buy anything it would probably be a few exclusives, maybe Dungeon Defenders and Torchlight 2.
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    Games you never finished?

    Never beat Shadow of the Colossus, I know how popular it is but it just didn't do anything for me, after a few bosses I sort of just stopped playing. Same thing applies to Darksiders 2 (loved the first, the second was such a snoozefest with artificial length) and Fallout New Vegas.
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    Which Console Do You Think Is Better?

    It depends on what you're looking for in a console and what exclusives you're interested in. Xbox One is more of a media center focused equally on games and music and shows etc., but games are generally nicer looking and run better on the PS4 since it's more focused on being a pure gaming...