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    What old school PC game would you want to see updated?

    For me it has got to be Dangerous Dave, this is the game which got me hooked in to gaming at a very early age. If someone has extra time and money, please invest that into making DD a modern game, you will have my moral support.
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    How old were you when you first got into gaming?

    I used to play tetris on my hand held gaming device when I was probably about 7 or 8 years old, I got in to serious video gaming only when I was 12 or 13.
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    What games do you currently have on your phone?

    The list keeps changing as I try new games every now and then and remove the old ones which I am tired of playing, but some games stick longer than others like FIFA, 2048, etc.,
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    What are your favourite mobile games?

    And I forgot to mention Candy Crush Saga, it is not a game that I like but it is definitely addictive. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone in case they get addicted to it too.
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    Which phone has best specifications for gaming?

    Hmmm, on paper Sony Z3+ outperforms LG G2 any day, it has more RAM and also an Octa core processor. Is there any other reason to recommend LG G2?
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    Which phone has best specifications for gaming?

    Currently which phone offers the most advanced specifications for mobile gaming? I'm inclined towards Sony Xperia Z3+, but happy to be proven wrong.
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    How much time do you spend on internet?

    Looking at the comments on this thread though I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet it seems very normal because others are doing the same. Apart from sleeping and doing household chores, the rest of the time I spend it either in front of my laptop or on my smartphone.
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    What game stands the test of time?

    For me it has got to be FIFA, I know that EA Sports keep upgrading the game and bring in new features with every release but the fundamentals of the game has not changed and that's what makes gamers like me get hooked on to it for a long time. Even I can scarcely believe that I have been playing...
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I have a laptop which at the time I bought it had a kick ass configuration and it could possibly run any game, but this was more than four years ago. I am planning to buy a new laptop but I sincerely believe the configuration will not suffice after a couple of years down the line based on my...
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    do you pay for games

    I have never paid for games on my smartphone or my iPad, the only investment I have made is the precious time I devote in downloading the App and spending mind numbing hours playing. I am sure the time I have wasted could have been better utilised to do something productive. It is a lost...
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    As a PC gamer, what is your opinion on controllers?

    Yes, touch screen only works for a limited number of games and I happen to play them regularly. What it is done though is taken away the need for controllers, keyboards and mouse, and also it doesn't wear and tear. The other day at a customer's location they had installed a XBOX F1 simulation...
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    Too old to play games?

    I am 35 and my dad is approaching 70, and if anyone tells me I am too old to play video games I just point them to my dad who recently picked up a habit of playing card games on the laptop to spend his time. Not sure if it is a very relaxing experience but it is definitely time well spent for...
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    Anyone facing App Store issues for FIFA 15?

    Lately ie., from the past two days I am having trouble to launch FIFA 15 on my iPad. When I launch the app it says there is a new update which I need to download from the AppStore and when I look up the AppStore there is no update available. Has anyone faced a similar issue? I upgraded to iOS 9...
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    What is the First PC game You Have Ever Played?

    Cannot really remember very well whether it was any of the card games or Dave. If my memory serves me right it must have been Solitaire, I was so intrigued when after you've won the game the way the cards tumble and shuffle (I am not even sure if its the right word to describe the graphics...
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    As a PC gamer, what is your opinion on controllers?

    I started off with hand held controllers for video games way back in the 90s, then switched to PC games using the standard keyboard and mouse. For a few years I also played PC games using controllers and found them to be more intuitive than typing. Nowadays though I play on iPad and it's hard to...