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    The ULTIMATE Streetpass

    I bought the 3DS when it first came out and since I worked for GameStop, I was crazy about StreetPasses. I encourged customers to bring their 3DS in all the time so we can get puzzle pieces, I was obsessed to say the least. Customers who were even just going to Safeway nextdoor would stop by for...
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    Is it worth upgrading from PS3 to PS4?

    As much as we all cling onto titles we spent hours on end, if you don't stay up-to-date with the consoles, your current console will become obsolete before you even know it. Since I worked for GameStop, my best recommendation would to be to wait for a great promotion to upgrade that really makes...
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    Do you think kids play games too much?

    I played a lot of video games as a kid, but it was never the "cool" thing to do. When I actually look back and think about it, I never discussed playing video games at school. I'm not sure if it was because I was a girl and it wasn't a common hobby, or if because it was just something I did at...