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    What are the best mobile companies for gaming?

    Gameloft are definitely one of the better developers for mobile apps and games, that's for sure. They have also become one of my favourite. Other developers that stand out in my mind are Glu, who have produced some great games like Contract Killer, and then there's also Madfinger who developed...
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    Our are mobiles ruining the mobile gaming industry?

    No, I don't think they are. At least not yet anyway. Most gamers I know would prefer to play on their PS3/PS4 or X-Box One/360 if they can if they are at home, but many people do also use their smartphones or tablet PC's for convenience if they're in a situation where using a console isn't...
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    How about an online game like PokerKing Online or 8-Ball Pool? I often find that I tend to play more on games which I can play with other people over the internet (I have unlimited mobile internet so not a problem). Shadow Gun Deadzone is a great multiplayer FPS game which is free. Contract...
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    Favorite mindless mobile phone game to make time pass?

    Redline Rush is the one I keep finding myself going back to. It's an arcadey racing game where you have to collect coins and power-ups. You have to keep going as long as you can without crashing at all. Another game I often use to pass the time is PokerKing Online because, obviously, you can...
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    Developing A Mobile Game

    Can you use Unity to make mobile apps? I didn't realize that. I did try Unity a few years ago when I was trying to make a PC game for Windows but didn't have any luck with it. I didn't have a clue what I was doing with it and found it quite awkward and difficult to use. Maybe I should have...
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    Developing A Mobile Game

    Oh, I hope so! It's already proven to be a very large learning curve and it certainly isn't easy. It's also very time consuming. I have no idea how long it's going to take but it's not going to be any time soon. I just hope it all pays off in the end.
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    What are you guys listening to right now?

    Most recently, I've been listening to Machine Head's new album, Bloodstone & Diamonds. It's pretty awesome! A bit of conspiracy on there and a more New Age type of track featuring quotes from Dr Bruce Lipton about imaginal cells. Machine Head is the band name by the way, not like Buckethead...
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    Classic PS1 Games

    Ooh Crash Bandicoot is a good one - everyone loved that game, it was so energetic and addictive. Abe's Oddysey was also a great game too, that was one of my favourites. I also thought Alien was pretty good but the one game I really liked and would probably pick over all these was Exhumed - the...
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    What consoles do you currently own that still work?

    I'm pretty sure the only old school consoles I've got lying around are a SNES and a Playstation 1. I do also have a Playstation 2. I can do better than both of them though but it's not a console - I also have a Commodore Amiga 500 somewhere! Now those Amigas were a LOT of fun!
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    Favorite video game music?

    So, does anyone know how I would go about getting some of my own music into some games? I must have about 60 music tracks in total which I wrote and produced myself - all of them waiting to have something done with them. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Does anyone still play their old DS consoles?

    I've never had a Nintendo DS myself but we did buy my kids one about five years ago. Yes,they still play on it quite regularly and they still love it, even though they've also now got a PS3 and Android tablets and smartphones now.
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    Do you ever get addicted to games you can not understand why?

    The only game I really found that addictive and didn't know why was Big Mutha Truckers. It's quite an old game which I played on PC/Windows. I'm not quite sure what I found so appealing about it, it's not exactly an outstanding game, but I really enjoyed and couldn't stop playing it until I'd...
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    Is anyone else getting tired of farming games?

    Yes, I do get fed up of this and agree that a lot of these games are just the same thing recycled over and over again. It wouldn't surprise if the same gaming engine is used for them all and they just change the graphics, sounds and other minor parts of the game(s). The one farming game I do...
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    How do you find new games?

    Well, I'm on Android and always have been so I'm not too familiar with the Apple app store. On Google Play I usually check out what's trending, what the most popular new apps are and which apps and games have been updated most recently. The problem is that there are always so many junk apps...
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    Making Your Own Games

    Some great responses here. Yes, it can be very frustrating, especially when you have to back through several lines of code to eliminate errors. It's very time consuming and requires a lot of patience. As someone mentioned above, it's alo now a cut throat industry and is nothing like it used to...