Your worst Smash 3DS character to play as?

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS / DS' started by Hawxx, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Hawxx

    Hawxx New Member Registered

    Pikachu, in this version I can't play Pikachu at all, he barely has any kill moves and I always SD with him, I avoid him at all costs, I was able to play him on the other games but for some reason not on this one, unless it's the 3DS controls that are messing me up.
  2. sorrowscall

    sorrowscall Great Hero Rosayln(Okage) Registered

    I couldn't play with Pikachu either. Then again, I couldn't play well with a lot of them since I haven't gotten to practice much with the game. Unfortunately, my worst character to play of all right now is definitely that adorable yellow ball of electric fur.
  3. wulfman

    wulfman Member Registered

    Palutena is the worst. Her B moves are terrible and smash attacks are slow.
  4. Nero

    Nero Member Registered

    I absolutely hate sonic. I got so use to the PM sonic that the Smash 4 sonic is garbage to me.
  5. Squigly

    Squigly Undead Gamer Registered

    Donkey Kong. I'm not good with playing characters with slower movesets, since I tend to button mash frantically.
  6. Saraldra

    Saraldra New Member Registered

    I always seem to lose when playing as Kirby. I suppose it's because i don't really like the character, his specials aren't particularly powerful.
  7. MyKalWynn

    MyKalWynn New Member Registered

    My worst right now is Robin. He is definitely fun to play but wow he is tough to get used to. I need to put more time into improving his combos. Well less time on Diddy Kong for me and more time in Robin.
  8. Vook

    Vook New Member Registered

    I'd have to agree with this. Robin has a really weird playstyle compared to Marth/Lucina. His kill moves are slow and his juggle is unpredictable at best. His double jump is pretty subpar too.
  9. BluBird

    BluBird Member Registered

    My worst is Mega Man. He's just so different that I don't think I'll ever actually be decent with him, and the only character where I turned down the difficulty in classic mode before I started (Rosalina would be 2nd worst, but I still cleared classic on 6.0 at least).
  10. TonyMHFan

    TonyMHFan Member Registered

    I'm equally bad at all of them. I don't spend enough time with the game to really get anyone down to where I get a good feel for the character.
  11. bunbakaa

    bunbakaa New Member Registered

    I cant seem to win at all if I play with Palutina. Her movements are just way to slow to me.
  12. atlantasports

    atlantasports Member Registered

    I'm bad with Kirby in almost every single super smash bros. I'm just not good with him. I'm pretty sure it is because he is a copycat character.
  13. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Member Registered

    As much as I usually like playing with Kirby, I suck when I play as that character! I would much rather play as Yoshi, and even though most of the time I still use I still keep playing as that character because Yoshi is my favorite nintendo character.
  14. atlantasports

    atlantasports Member Registered

    I have that same problem with Kirby. I wish I was good with him!
  15. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Member Registered

    Me too! He's such a fun character! I would much rather play with a character that I really like than play with a character who may be stronger. But as I said earlier, I prefer Yoshi.
  16. atlantasports

    atlantasports Member Registered

    Yoshi definitely is not a strength-based character either. I'm not that great with him either, to tell you the truth. He's just difficult to handle.

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