Your Favourite Star Wars Game(s)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Stay Puft, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Stay Puft

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    I can't stop watching that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer. I have my tickets bought for 10:15 PM on December 17th, perfectly located seats in the theatre. Did I mention that I love Star Wars?

    So, in honour of the Episode VII trailer and the beta for Star Wars: Battlefront, let's talk about our favourite Star Wars games! There's been quite a few for me, as I've been a fan for along time but I'll try to limit my choices to three.

    In no particular order, I'd have to go first with TIE Fighter for the PC. A truly magnificent flight simulator that had you flying and fighting for the Empire. I actually still play it to this day, it's really amazing and a lot of fun. Flying along side Darth Vader is actually pretty cool.

    Next I'll go with Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It was a sequel to Dark Forces, and using mods and user-made levels had a blast playing with my RP guild. I really enjoyed the whole series, but probably played this one the most. Plus is had amazing user-made levels, like the Mos Eisley Cantina.

    Finally, Star Wars: Force Unleashed. I actually really liked the sequel also, I just thought it was a bit too short. I find that I don't necessarily mind that they can be beat fairly quickly because I like going back and playing part 1 or 2 over the course of a weekend. It's like watching one of your favourite movies, plus it really nailed the super powerful Jedi vibe.
  2. healzzz

    healzzz New Member Registered

    I haven't played a lot of Star Wars games, but I really enjoyed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. What a great game! I love "choose your own adventure" type games the most. I'm admittedly a huge BioWare fan, and I think they really did a great job on that game. I'm super excited for the new movie too, though. I'm planning on going to the premiere.
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  3. Stay Puft

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    I agree @healzzz, KOTOR, KOTOR II and even Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG are all amazing Star Wars games. I really, really like this time period, and like a lot of people I really wish it was canon AND that they'd make a movie or TV show to expand on it. Bioware really managed to get the Star Wars vibe perfectly in those games.
  4. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    Definitely games pumped out by Bioware which include KOTOR, KOTR II, SWTOR. Though I have to give a runner up to Star Wars Galaxies prior to the massive changes and shutdown. Galaxies may not be perfect as an MMO but it was incredibly social and it had the best crafting system of any MMO hands down.
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  5. MandyMarieB

    MandyMarieB Member Registered

    Heh, I remember playing Phantom Menace on PS1. Man, that was tough. I also had a GBC game, something to the effect of Yoda's Stories? That was a pain in the butt too. But right now, I'm playing Star Wars Uprising for mobiles, and I'm loving it! Though they do need to get the next update out soon.
  6. Stay Puft

    Stay Puft Member Registered

    Sadly, I never got a chance to play Star Wars: Galaxies. I just didn't have the cash at the time for more than one MMORPG, and I ended up playing City of Heroes instead.

    I remember playing TPM on the PC and it was actually really fun. I was part of a message board that had one of the programmers on there and he ended up giving us a lot of background insight on how the game came to be and answered a ton of questions. I wish I had saved those message boards, but sadly I don't even remember which board it was on, lol.

    How is Star Wars Uprising anyways? Is it a free-to-play type game with micro-transactions?
  7. aboleth_lich

    aboleth_lich Member Registered

    I thoroughly enjoyed the SNES' classic Super Star Wars games back in the day! They were eminently fun, action-packed side-scrolling platformers with a few vehicle-based levels thrown into the mix for variety! (And it's perhaps for the best that they pre-date the prequels. Super Revenge of the Sith would have been... awkward!)
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  8. Kazix

    Kazix New Member Registered

    Not sure how well aged it is, but back in the day I really loved Jedi Academy. It had amazing combat and it captured being a Force user quite well. Same goes for Battlefront 2, we even had our own server where me and my buddies would battle each other. Can't say that I'm hyped for the new Battlefront game, it seems like reskinned Battlefield and has even less featured and game modes than 10 year old Battlefront 2.

    KOTOR games were amazing too (I liked KOTOR 2 better) and I'm currently playing its successor - SW The Old Republic MMO. Being a MMO it has obvious limitations like Force users being nerfed pretty badly for balancing reasons and my conversation choices hardly mattering, but at least it's something.
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  9. SLTE

    SLTE Member Registered

    • KOTOR, and to a lesser extent, KOTOR II. The first was a complete game, which gives it obvious bonus points, but KOTOR II had a lot going for it. If the ending hadn't been so rushed I would've enjoyed it a great deal more. Still, both games proved how awesome Star Wars RPGs can be.
    • Battlefronts I and II. Amazing games. The Battlefront beta was pretty addictive for the two days I got to play it, but I'm worried it will get boring more quickly than the older titles ever did.
    • Shadows of the Empire. This choice is more based on nostalgia than anything, as I have no doubt it doesn't stand up very well anymore, but when I was younger this game rocked my socks off. All the more fun when you get into the debug mode and start running around as stormtroopers / snowtroopers / wampas / AT-STs / other stuff.
    I recall playing a fighting game for the Xbox that was a lot of fun, as well, though I can't remember what it was called off the top of my head. (Definitely not that Teras Kasai one.)
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  10. artyarson

    artyarson New Member Registered

    I can't remember the exact name. It was the one for Sony PS One. I guess, it was dedicated to the first part of the series. The other thing I'm 100% sure about is that I didn't manage to complete it. I dunno why. Maybe there was a tough mission or something.
  11. madetofly

    madetofly New Member Registered

    Outcast was indeed my favorite Star Wars game. When Jedi Knight: Academy came out things just weren't the same online in terms of fighting balance. Most of the hardcore players seemed to go away or stay in Jedi Knight II, or leave all at the same time. Probably one of the most awesome times playing.
  12. MikeyPaine

    MikeyPaine New Member Registered

    I love the Lego Star Wars games. They were really cool and interesting before they ran that franchise into the ground. I also love the Star Wars arcade game where you play through the original trilogy. Battlefront and the first sequel were awesome, I'm not sure about the new one.

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