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  1. jesolis

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    Hello, my name is Jorge Solis. I know I am in the minority here but I do not own an XBOX one. I own an Xbox 360 and I am super happy with it. I really haven't had any issues with it. Is it worth to buy the newest member of the Xbox family? What are your thoughts on this?? I appreciate the feedback guys!
  2. Stay Puft

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    I'm actually in the same boat as you where I own a Xbox 360 but don't have an Xbox One yet. Judging by the reviews and seeing it in store, I think it's more than worth it to make the jump to the Xbox One, but I'd probably wait a bit until after the holidays since I have a feeling the price is going to go down.
  3. lastpage

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    I have a 360 as well and am really considering getting of the XBOX One. I'd rather wait, but a new game just came out that's only available on One so I might just have to go ahead and get it.

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