Xboc One faulty Controllers

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 & XBOX ONE' started by DejiK, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. DejiK

    DejiK New Member Registered

    Hey everyone,

    I purchased my Xbox about 3 months back and mostly play FIFA and COD. The thing is since I've had it, I've had to replace both my controllers and even one of the new ones I bought broke. They don't all suffer the same problem either, but mainly its the trigger button and the joystick(s).

    has anyone else experienced this?
  2. 350greasemonkey

    350greasemonkey New Member Registered

    Quite frankly, I love the Xbone controller. It fits so nicely in my hand that it's like it was created by the heavens. I haven't really had any problems with mine and I play a lot of FPS with it. I sometimes miss my sprint when I click my left thumbstick, but I think that has less to do with the controller, and more to do with the game allowing me to do two things at once. Overall, I really dont have any complaints with it, in fact, I much prefer it to the new Playstation controllers.
  3. laladyhope

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    Like the user above, I love the controllers and haven't had any issues with it. Maybe you should try and buy a different brand; the way you hold your controller may just not be working out. That isn't to say you are doing it wrong, but more hat it might not be right for your hand shape or hold. I personally find it feels great in my hand.

    I prefer the feel of it over the ps4 controllers too, although ps4 users can plug a headset straight into it, which I am a little jealous of.
  4. Futsalchicken

    Futsalchicken New Member Registered

    I have the same problem! Usually happens when you play "happy trigger" games. I think it's just the user, but they should make them more prone for hard,fast hands. I have been through a lot of controllers. Then I started playing games that don't require you to abuse the trigger button, and boom it stopped!
  5. AFKATafcar

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    For the most part, the Xbox One controller is one of the best gaming controllers available right now. It has its faults that people experience, but that's true of every controller and piece of hardware out there. You might just be getting unlucky, so I don't know what to tell you besides to keep trying until you get the right one.
  6. rightct

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    Although I'd go for PS4 every time if I was asked to give my opinion, I will however give the rigorous laurels to Microsoft for making such comfortable controller that simply fits well into your hands. It seems as if Sony didn't learn from past mistakes. They know that the PS3 controllers simply sucked, and they tried to copycat Microsoft's one, but miserably failed.

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