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Discussion in 'Classics' started by prose, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. prose

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    While reading through the Old School Game Boy Games thread, I noticed that a few people have kept their old Pokémon games for gameboy. I still have Pokémon Red. Whether you had Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, or another Pokémon game, I am sure you are familiar with the opening of the game. In the beginning, you are allowed to choose one Pokémon to start the game off with, a water type (Squirtle), grass type (Bulbasaur), or fire type (Charmander). I always chose Squirtle, each and every time I played the game. While not very effective against the grass-type Pokémon seen at the beginning of the game, I found that Squirtle was pretty effective against most other Pokemon, especially the rock type seen in the first cave of the game.

    Did you mix it up while starting a new game of Pokémon by choosing differently each time, or did you always choose the same Pokémon to start with? Which one did you choose, and why?
  2. SharaElyse

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    One year, when my dad got a bonus from his job, he took me and my two brothers to each get a GameBoy Color, N64 and each of the Pokemon versions. I got Yellow. I was obsessed with Pikachu and I thought the graphics were much better. My brothers got Red and Blue, though my dad ended up being the one to play my youngest brother's game. We would compete on the N64 Stadium game. It was a ton of fun!
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  3. SereneAngel88

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    I started out with Pokemon Blue while my brother had the Red version. It was in the same year that the card game started to gain popularity at all the schools. I remember a time when if you had a deck filled with shiny backed cards of Pokemon, you were the "IT kid" of the playground, especially if you had the Dragonite line(that was also first edition).
  4. CemeteryGates23

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    I started out with Yellow. Bought it on a trip to the USA with my father, along with Pokemon Stadium. I actually played it on my N64 exclusively, until a year or so later we went on another trip to the US and bought Gold along with a GameBoy Color.
    Later on I bought Blue from a cousin, Crystal from a store, and eventually bought Red and Silver used. Still have them all, but they're beginning to die... damn cartridge batteries.
  5. Cereus

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    Had all the games the minute they were released. My mother was friends with lots of game store people so we were always in the know haha. My brother and I would flip coins to see who played what version and generally left the 3rd game like Yellow or Crystal as an extra to share between us. As for starters I generally went with Squirtle or Charmander depending if I wanted to change up starting 'difficulty.'
  6. Ridge

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    I started with Red, moved on to Yellow and put an unbelievable ammount of time into Silver. But I do now own them all for the sake of collecting them.

    In gen 1 I always start with Charmander, and with gen 2 I usually pick Totodile.
  7. Mandoli

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    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that if I ever find myself with a GB Color, I'm on a massive hunt for Gold/Silver. I don't care which one. I think that one can only do so much in Red/Blue/Yellow, and there isn't as big of a challenge when it comes to the Pokedex.

    As for which one I started with... I really didn't have a preference, because I couldn't remember who was in what ball.
  8. squallsnake

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    I played through Blue and got all Pokemon even Mew. But have not touched the series since other than the spins off like the Pinball games and Snap.

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