What's your favorite game (musical) score?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mrgrn, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. mrgrn

    mrgrn New Member Registered

    As a video game composer, this subject is of particular interest to me, but I'm sure that everyone has fallen in love with a game score at some point.

    For me, it's a tie between Final Fantasy VII and Child of Light. Final Fantasy Vii has so many beautiful, instantly recognizable themes. That one also has the nostalgia factor. Musically, I think Child of Light is better. It's absolutely stunning, and the composer is a woman in her twenties! As someone who is also a 20 year old female composer, this gives me a lot of hope :) But no matter what the composer's age and gender were, I would still be 100% in love with the score.
  2. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    I have a lot of favorite OSTs, since that is almost everything that I listen to, nowadays. My favorite composers are Jeremy Soule and Inon Zur, and one of my favorite video game soundtracks, is that of Skyrim and of Guild Wars 1 - 2. I really like Japanese composers as well, like Nobuo Uematsu, who did the soundtracks to both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IX, which is my favorite FF of all time. Cool thing that you do video game music. Do you have a YouTube channel I could subscribe to?
  3. T3chnology3

    T3chnology3 New Member Registered

    World of Warcraft has quite an amazing OST. The immersion feeling you get from it is amazing. The melodies are enchanting to the point you feel like you could listen to some of the songs all day on repeat. Sometimes, I just stop and appreciate the music along with the scenery.

    A close second would be most of The Legend of Zelda's music. It is simply beautiful :).
  4. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    I find myself being a really big fan of Deus Ex's soundtrack. It really hits the spot when it comes to playing a cyber-punk game that really sets the mood. I even have the main theme song for the game as my ringtone and it's funny when people see me let my phone ring just so I can hear the tune.
  5. FreddyMac

    FreddyMac quackquackquack Registered

    HOTLINE MIAMI, oh baby, what a soundtrack. 80's style electro, techno and dance.

    Ok, its a little bit of a cheat, because none of it is orginal score, but I had that games soundtrack on repeat for months, and now I've got HLM2's also on repeat. I've even grabbed some of the artists full albums, just for more.
  6. lamanlupa

    lamanlupa Member Registered

    It's not really a musical score but it is a catchy little tune, one that will stick in your head of a long time. I'm talking about the background music of the 16 bit 1985 game City Connection. It's the game where you control a jumping pink car and you avoid bumping cats littered on the street. I remember the game very well especially the music. Yeah, it's a retrogame.
  7. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    Which Deus Ex soundtrack? I love all of them, but my favorite is the score to Human Revolution. The music from the trailer is just awesome and I listen to it all the time on YouTube. The original Deus Ex` meniu music is really really good as well.
  8. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    It's hard to say which one since I like nearly all of the music. I suppose if I had to pick a couple, it would definitely be these two right here

  9. mooray

    mooray Member Registered

    I know it is a little bit unorthodox but GTA soundtracks are my best. The fact that the player can choose between hip-hop, rock, country music, rnb, reggae and all kinds of music just works for me. I think the developers nailed it.
  10. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    Oh yeah, I remember those too. Hong Kong streets is really good. I always sing along when I play the game. The original Deus Ex really had a great soundtrack, even though it is quite old by now.
  11. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    I had a hard time between choosing the main theme and DuClare Chateau as my ring tone, but the first song won out. The game and the soundtrack may be quite old but it still holds the title of being the best game to ever come out, at least on PC and PS2 in my opinion.
  12. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    Well, it is definitely one of the best RPG games to come out on any platform, that is for sure. I really loved Human Revolution as well, and I think it came really close to the "feel" of the original. Both gameplay and music wise.
  13. Shoobie de la Doggo

    Shoobie de la Doggo Member Registered

    I hold a special place in my heart for the soundtrack to Persona 4, it always makes me nostalgic. It's truly special for me.

    Right now, though, the soundtrack I'm listening to is the soundtrack to Ryu ga Gotoku 0 (Yakuza 0). It's mostly electronic music and it's pretty damn hype, specially some of the battle themes such as One-Eyed Slugger, One-Eyed Dancer, Force Addiction and Fiercest Warrior ver.0. Actually been listening to this soundtrack all day long now...
  14. SLTE

    SLTE Member Registered

    I've always loved the Final Fantasies - most of 'em, anyway - but FFVI takes the prize. There are so many awesome songs in that game. Dancing Mad has to be one of the most epic songs ever composed for a video game, and it fits Kefka so well.

    It's kind of a new contender, but I've found myself obsessed with the score to an indie RPG called Undertale, as well. All of the songs are done by one person, and they're awesome.
  15. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    Human Revolution was a really cool game, even if it was a prequel to the original one. I kinda wished they made a sequel for the first game, but one that didn't suck as much as Invisible War. God, was that game a pile of fail...
  16. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    I`m really curios what they will do with Mankind Divided. It is set to launch in January I think. From what I have seen gameplay wise so far, it far exceeds Human Revolution. Good times to be a Deus Ex fan. :D
  17. russellfro

    russellfro New Member Registered

    Someone mentioned the radio on GTA and I think that is definitely a good shout. I remember in San Andreas singing in my tractor in the countryside to the country song by Hank Williamss "Hey Good Lookin".

    I don't know if many people have heard of the game Payday 2 but it has a very nice soundtrack in my opinion. Kind of modern heavy-bass music that goes well with genre of the game itself. I think they used a few sounds from Taken the film franchise.
  18. yeppeo

    yeppeo New Member Registered

    Final Fantasy, for me, has the most beautiful osts of all the games I've ever played. Pokemon have a special place in my heart not because they're the best, but they give me such pleasant memories of my childhood times. And GTA, omg, the only thing I can remember everytime I hear about its songs is Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight, ahah.
  19. artyarson

    artyarson New Member Registered

    Final Fantasy is definitely a very cool stuff. It's clear that the composers did their best. Also, I like games where a lot of modern rock is featured. NHL and NFS Most Wanted, for example. It was the way I discovered some bands I'm into even today.
  20. iCoachU

    iCoachU New Member Registered

    If I had to recommend any scores, I would say that a lot of FF fans missed out on FFXI's music, because it was an obscure niche MMO and took a ton of dedication. FFXIV has had much more success because it's more player friendly, but a lot of people missed out on dozens of really beautiful tracks by not exploring FFXI.

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