What lesser known Steam games do you like?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by scleigh215, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. scleigh215

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    There is a huge library of games on Steam, but I feel like I only know about the big ones. There are all these games that are super cheap, but I am never sure how good they really are until after I buy them. Even though they are cheap, it is very easy to rack up charges for games that I end up not playing.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on good games that cost less than $10 or so? I really love RTS games, but I am open to any other suggestions as well.
  2. Picaleto

    Picaleto New Member Registered

    Sid Meirs Railroads is a very old but extremely enjoyable game, and definitely strategic (if not real time). It's dirt cheap because of it's age, and often pops up on sale. I've spent days playing through it, and even when I'd completed the many standard maps there were plenty more online to download. I can't guarantee you're going to love it, but for >£1 it's worth a go.
  3. FreddyMac

    FreddyMac quackquackquack Registered

    A little different, but try sorting a random search in Steam by price and filtering in Trading Cards, then grab everything under $0.50. You get cool little games from small devs, and can sell the earned trading cards back on the market, getting some of the original purchase cost back.

    Using IdleMaster makes this easier, you don't actually have to play the game to get the cards.
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  4. Vegito12

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    I reckon there is the Hidden object game called Nightmares from the Deep 3 Davy Jones it is a game where you solve puzzles and need to try and find clues to get forward in the game, and it can be challenging at times as you may have to look for things. There is Ventica which is a game that has the main women in the game being the daughter of death who must try and change the world, and save her love and enjoyed how the game seemed like Tomb Raider at times and is a role playing game where you can upgrade your character. Harvester a full motion video game where you have live actors in the game and if you do the correct things then you will see the right cut scenes and move forward in the game, this game came out in 1996.
  5. BluBird

    BluBird Member Registered

    Well the Mount and Blade series are some great games. They're open world Medieval sandbox-style with a unique combat system fairly true to actual warfare. A great deal of fun and people should own at least one of them.
  6. SharaElyse

    SharaElyse New Member Registered

    I stumbled upon a game called Viridi. It's a game about planting and tending to succulent plants. You can plant them, pull weeds, water the plants, and sing to them. It's a cute little zen game for those little filler times when the other games you are playing get on your nerves, LOL.
  7. MakisHD

    MakisHD New Member Registered

    Have a look at Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It is about two sons who set out on a perilous journey to bring back the Water of Life to their dying father. The brothers' commitment to their goal and to each other is so strong, the various parts of this game so superbly crafted and woven together, that it's hard not to feel deeply touched when you finally reach the end of the road and see how deftly this game marries its gameplay to its themes in a way few have before. It's such a gem that is hidden on steam, even people who have been playing PC for many more years than me, have not heard the title. I just happened to stumble across it in a YouTube video. I got it for £10 on steam.
  8. SLTE

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    Try Undertale, a bullet hell / RPG combo. It's a smidge over $10, but the story is fantastic and the replay value is high.

    If you like RTS titles you might also dig FTL - you command a space ship crew, and need to guide them through a series of solar systems and past legions of baddies and terrible predicaments. It gives you a sense of what it would be like to captain a starship in Star Trek, albeit with the risk of enormous alien mantises teleporting onto your bridge and clawing your pilot to death.
  9. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    I haven't played many of these but there's a game called Another Perspective which I got from a Humble Bundle along with some game making software and the game's (and other games' too) source codes. It's a very good game and uses a very unique concept in its gameplay, and it's a puzzle game. If you like that kind of game I guarantee you'd like it. I think at the moment it's like $6 on Steam, but if you wait for a sale I'm sure you can get it for $1. It's a 3 hours long game at best, but it's still a great experience and I recommend it.
  10. TheViper

    TheViper New Member Registered

    Undertale is a good game for under $10. Though, if you are willing to spend some more I would look into Dreamfall Chapters. That is a really solid game that I've enjoyed playing since they started coming out.

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