What is your favourite type of game?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by ConcernedHobbit, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. ConcernedHobbit

    ConcernedHobbit New Member Registered


    All of these are computer game genres. The question is, what is your favourite type of game? Please explain WHY it is and WHEN did you find out about it. Let's discuss!
  2. battousai123

    battousai123 New Member Registered

    MMORPG definitely, since it has the elements I love of RPG like engaging storyline, interesting characters, role playing, and you play with other peolpe. It's like having in your reach a D&D game session with friends whenever you want. As for when I found out about it, it was in college and the first game I played I think was Runescape in a school computer. Others genres I like are JRPG, RTS, and simulations games.
  3. digitalsatori

    digitalsatori New Member Registered

    Right now, I'm totally for MMORPGs, but my heart is really in adventure games. The game has to have a story to keep my interest. Fallout, Assassin's Creed, Elder Scrolls, etc.

    And of course, Civilization. Which I have to be very careful with, because I could spend days on that one.
  4. DukeMadThane

    DukeMadThane New Member Registered

    My favorite type of game is turn-based rpg, followed by action rpg. I enjoy getting to know the characters and working on leveling them up extensively. If I remember correctly, I got into these types of games in the early 2000's. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the gaming companies make these types of games anymore for the newer consoles.
  5. henchman21

    henchman21 New Member Registered

    I prefer open world RPG's like fallout 3 or the elder scrolls series, but sometimes a light hearthed JRPG is nice too.
  6. Vegito12

    Vegito12 Member Registered

    I enjoy playing Role playing games and the ones I have liked are Dragon age origins which came out in 2009 and it is on Pc and you get to play as different characters and choices as well. You are saving the world from the evil and also, Loghian who has been working against the people and allowing slavery. I also liked how, the game had real good graphics and the music suited it at times and the fights were impressive as well and nice to play. Role playing is good, and get to exprience different places and also, have a story which is good and also it is nice to see what happens in the story and what happens when you take a different path.
  7. kofter128

    kofter128 New Member Registered

    Definitely MMORPGs - I like the RPG element, and especially the MMO one. I don't know, it's something about playing with and againts other people that I like. I'm generally a competitive person so I guess that's why it's so important to me. And the crucial factor when decidind whether or not to play such a game is the PVP. It needs to be good and exciting, also balanced. Then again, I still wonder why I spent all the hours playing Vindictus...
  8. Druqz

    Druqz New Member Registered

    Definitely MMORPG for me. The quests, the story, the progression - all these things are very appealing to me. I remember a time when I jumped from game to game, trying to find the right one for me. Some time after that, I realized that the reason why I didn't stick with any MMORPG is because I just love trying them all out. The first impressions are what I was looking for. Looking back to it, I can't say that I regret doing that.
  9. 6up

    6up New Member Registered

    I find racing more interesting than any other games. Maybe it is because I like driving. It has less rules and it is less technical to master. I like racing during my free time.
  10. Azrile

    Azrile Member Registered

    I like slow RPGs, either with one character or group combat. Stuff like Might and Magic, Neverwinter Nights, Baulder´s Gate and Skryim.
  11. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    MMORPG, RPG and JRPG. I like taking things at my pace and MMO's because it's a good bang for the buck and I can have fun with other people when I'm feeling sociable.
  12. Squigly

    Squigly Undead Gamer Registered

    MOBA and FPS for the fast-paced multiplayer element, with no need for grind like most MMORPGs.

    For single player games I prefer roguelikes, tower defense and other unique indie games.
  13. ockham

    ockham Ironically Sincere Registered

    I've been starting to explore genres lately, I think I have a preference for turn-based strategy, and logic/physics games.

    Tried a couple roguelike ones, couldn't really get into them. They just got too repetitive for me after a bit. (I'm looking at you Binding of Isaac. I shouldn't have to die 50 times or whatever to unlock the thing I need to win the game.)
  14. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    Mostly FPS and TPS, because that's what I grew up playing and I ended up quite prejudiced towards them to be honest. Later on though I got into games like Pokemon, which are turn-based strategy. I was surprised at how much I could enjoy them. As for MMOs, I never really managed to get into them. They seem to confusing and too.. cluttered for my taste.
  15. Varian245

    Varian245 New Member Registered

    I like MOBAs and MMORPGs a lot. I play a lot of League of Legends and Echo of Soul. I just find them fun and great to play in free time. Though in EOS, I tend to grind a lot for levels and go solo to just enjoy myself.

    I always play LoL with friends I have made in the game. They are pretty chill people. I don't play them a lot anymore after school had started for me.
  16. GearZ

    GearZ New Member Registered

    Multiplayer, First Person Shooters (FPS) for me. In that style, the two genres I like are war games (particularly World War II) and survival horror (think Zombie Panic, No More Room in Hell, et al.). I never really could get into MMORPGs, at least in recent years.
  17. waterm94

    waterm94 New Member Registered

    RTS all the way. Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 are magnificient in competitive play. I love looking up peculiar strategies and then trying to execute them against other players. While competitive RTS play can get pretty frustrating, there's no other genre that captivates my interest more.
  18. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom Member Registered

    Shooters. Doesn't matter if they are first person or third person, I enjoy shooter games. Sure, I also play other genres and they eat up a lot of my free time too, but I find shooters the most enjoyable genre of games. I've grown up with shooters and I think I'll keep playing them until I die. xD
  19. SharaElyse

    SharaElyse New Member Registered

    My favorite type of game is customization based RPG's. What I mean by this is, not just RPG's where you go in and play through a game, but ones where you can make your character look just about any way you want and upgrade gear and weapons to their fullest potential. Examples would be Black Gold Online, Forsaken World and WoW
  20. HisDudeness

    HisDudeness New Member Registered

    It varies from day to day, I'm a man of constantly shifting tastes. But something I've always loved is role playing games, whether it's online or offline I love them. I don't know, maybe it's because I like character development and personal growth so I go for games that enables at least something close to that. I like really living myself up to the character and really getting into what they're like and how they're perceived by others. I looove the designing of characters, I can sit hours getting the perfect face and later later on when there's armour I'll often pick aesthetics over usage lol. I'm so unmanly when it comes to games haha.

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