What irritates you the most about other players?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Potatoman, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Axel

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    Yea I never understood why they do that either. I love the challenge of the game. If I wanted easy kills I would've played against bots. It baffles me that these people enjoy doing that kind of thing. Although sometimes it has a purpose, only sometimes. I heard they usually help their friends rank up by doing that. By dominating the other team you give your friend a higher chance to get more kills and score more points than usual. That's just another lame justification though.
  2. charris89

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    True, a lot of gaming companies don't care about the player experience. They are only out to make a buck. If I only I had the knowledge to create games. I would definitely spend time and money on creating a game where, mature adults could play and enjoy the game.

    Local co-op would be fun. I like some aspects of the online community though. The majority of the time it's fun playing with people in different areas. Meeting new people is an important part of the game for me. I do agree most games should make it easier to quest with your friends. There are some games I'm really looking forward to that are said to be implementing features to enhance game play with your friends.
  3. aboleth_lich

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    But even with that justification, why be a jerk and needlessly belittle the other more novice players' lack of skill? That makes them bullies and kind-of-sort-of cheaters rather than just kind-of-sort-of cheaters, which is already bad enough on its own. I can really see why you're so frustrated and disappointed with that community.

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