What annoys you most about Xbox One?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 & XBOX ONE' started by Jack123, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Jack123

    Jack123 Swagalicious Registered

    So, I'm considering purchasing the Xbox One sometime in the next 2-3 months, however, I want to know of any little annoyances with the console beforehand. This is so that I can compare with other consoles.

    Just reply with anything that annoys you about the Xbox One. :)
  2. teamshepherd

    teamshepherd New Member Registered

    I get annoyed that the voice recognition does not understand me when I try to do controls, but it knows what hubby wants so there's that.
  3. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Member Registered

    Can't you train the voice commands for each user on the Xbox One? I could be wrong, but that'd probably make a difference. I know it recognizes people by their faces, and I'm assuming it can do the same thing for voices. Then again, if you shout "Xbox, Turn Off", it seems like the console always, always recognizes that, no matter who says it. It's a simple way to piss someone off. :p
  4. Jack123

    Jack123 Swagalicious Registered

    Perfect trick. Walk in on your brother playing Xbox, "Xbox, turn off". :p That would probably be one of my main issues if I were to get an Xbox one. That would definitely be annoying, aha.
  5. DejiK

    DejiK New Member Registered

    Whatever you do, be gentle with the controllers. I'm on my 4th new one and I wouldn't even call myself the most serious gamer. I play FIFA with my mates and COD on my own, I own no other games.
  6. Jack123

    Jack123 Swagalicious Registered

    Is it similar to the standard Xbox 360 headsets? Where you'd find most people having 10 or 20 of them, as they all break so easily. Must have been a massively good money machine for Microsoft, though.
  7. DejiK

    DejiK New Member Registered

    Thankfully I only bought one 360 headset, and soon as I opened it and realised how flimsy it was, I vowed to not replace it when it inevitably broke. Also I really hated when people would have them on when I was playing FIFA ultimate team online - was incredibly off-putting.

    I've long believed the big corporates build their products to fail just after the warranty expires :)
  8. laladyhope

    laladyhope New Member Registered

    I love my xbone and have very few issues with it. I have no problems with voice recognition or the controllers as others have mentioned and I use mine almost every day.

    I only really have 2 things that bug me:
    1- I can't listen to my custom music while playing a game, while I could with the 360. I used to play music from elsewhere on my network while playing Minecraft as I find the Minecraft music gets repetitive.
    2- I find that it really is set up in a way that is best for people using voice controls, so it is a bit hard to navigate certain things (like snapping the apps) with the kinect. Because of my set-up, sometimes I need to play quietly, so I can't use it. That being said, just last night I discovered a new menu that pops up when pressing the middle button twice, and I think that may be the answer to not using voice controls, but I haven't really played around with it yet.
  9. rightct

    rightct New Member Registered

    What bothers me a lot at Xbox One, is that it overheats upon using it for an hour. I've already changed 3 consoles because of this aspect, and the provider I bought it from was happily providing me with another whenever they saw I was right about this issue, but they also start thinking that they might have a faulty lot for sale.
    Microsoft seems to be really making newbie mistakes more often than before, and they have the pretention to compete with Sony. They have the necessary potential, but they need to somewhat hierarchize their priorities, and stop focusing on advanced tasks when they can't do the minimum, such as the overheat.
  10. westmixxin

    westmixxin New Member Registered

    When I was using the Xbox one in Best Buy I was very upset that the voice command wasn't necessarily operating to the degree that I wish it would. I wish it was much more reliable but it seems like the voice command on anything isn't reliable as it should be. Hopefully in the future it will be able to create a voice command system that actually makes sense something that actually can understand what an individual is trying to communicate.
  11. BluBird

    BluBird Member Registered

    It pisses me off when Kinect doesn't recognize you.
  12. AmazonXD

    AmazonXD New Member Registered

    I haven't had much issue with Kinect recognizing voice commands (except "scroll down" in IE). However, I hate that I default to "if it's messed up, hard reset the console." Unplugging the power usually fixes anything that might be hampering the machine (crashes, lockups, whatever), but I dislike the fact that it's a troubleshooting option. It's an easy fix, but sometimes I wish some of the more basic UI problems weren't there in the first place.

    Otherwise, it's a great system.
  13. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    Most of the games that I want won't come out until either next year or 2017 at the earliest. Also, while they say they will have backwards compatibility, I'm afraid that the games on the list will be mostly FPS and anything to do with Halo. I doubt most of the games I have will play and I refuse to but it again as a digital copy just to play it on the new system.

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