Top choices for PS3 games?

Discussion in 'Playstation 3 & Playstation 4' started by Mika, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Mika

    Mika Member Registered

    I'm considering buying a PS3 in the near future. As I was browsing through GameStop, I noticed that quite a few titles for the PS3 that I haven't heard of before. In particular, infamous and a few of the tales of ___ games caught my attention. If I could find more than just a small handful of games that look good, I very well may buy a PS3

    What are your top favorite PS3 games? If you don't mind, feel free to say a bit about them and why you like they are your top choices!
  2. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Member Registered

    The Tales of [Insert Title Here] games are pretty good RPGs, although some of them are kind of weird. The Infamous titles are decent, and you could always go with The Last Of Us. I'd go with the Uncharted games, too. I mean, there are tons and tons of games you could choose from, whether you want exclusives or non-exclusives.
  3. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    I like GTA V, god of War, and Tekken. I find those to be the games that really kept me glued. I also liked Army of Two and it's even more fun to play that game with a friend. There's also Saints Row and Assassin's Creed but I personally only play hose as backup when I find myself tired of my primary games.
  4. Setari

    Setari New Member Registered

    I want to pick up GTA V for my PS3 but I'm waiting for it on PC to see how well it launches. If it doesn't launch on PC well via Rockstar/Steam then I'm going to pick it up for my PS3... wish my PS3 was a PS4 haha.

    At any rate, I enjoyed a lot of titles on my PS3, like Assassin's Creed games, Final Fantasy 13, Little Big Planet, I planned on picking up Killzone games but I never did, unfortunately. They look really decent though to play.
  5. GamerMonkey

    GamerMonkey New Member Registered

    If you're into JRPGs, the PS3 is a great choice. I'm a huge fan of the Tales series of games (although the sequel to Tales of Symphonia isn't up to much). I like them because they're big and epic with plenty of stuff to find, plus the real-time combat is far more fun than just selecting which move to make next.

    The Assassin's Creed games are great - start with the second in the series and find a recap of its story online to help you know what's going on; the first is a good story but the gameplay is pretty repetitive. Again, it's big and epic with a fun story and plenty of stuff to find. I really enjoy the freedom of being able to wander around and engage with the main plot when I'm ready to.

    Both of the Elder Scrolls games are ace (Oblivion and Skyrim). There's also Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, very like the Elder Scrolls but in a parallel 50's nuclear wasteland. It wasn't my sort of thing but it's a solid game. There's Ni No Kuni (which I own but haven't yet played).

    If you have the patience for outdated graphics and gameplay controls, all the classic Final Fantasy games are available through the Playstation Store. The store also has regular sales with games like Dragon Age: Origins going for Five Euro, although they do take the rest of eternity to download.

    I got a PS3 last year and I'm really surprised by the amount of games I've got on my To Buy list. It's also great because most of them are really cheap from my local second hand store.
  6. ducklord

    ducklord Member Registered

    @GamerMonkey I think it doesn't have as many jRPGs as it could have. I mean, the most prominent ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand, if I'm not mistaken. If someone likes jRPGs, he'd be better off with a PS2 - now, THAT'S where a heck of a lot of jRPGs were released!

    @Mika Just buy it. Nintendo's consoles always offer mainly-Nintendo's-titles. Microsoft's consoles always offer 2-3 big exclusives you should play, and a bunch of titles you can find on other platforms as well. Sony's consoles were and remain the only ones where you can always find more than 10 - 20 truly exclusive titles, not found anywhere - I must stress that, anywhere else - you should play. I mean, Xbox 360 had Halo. So what - typical FPS, great one, but you can find similar if not greater titles on other consoles and, of course, your PC. PS3 had Uncharted 2. Now, try to find an equivalent to this, anywhere. Or Heavy Rain. Or The Last of Us.

    If you can find an older, "Fat" PS3 that you could also jailbreak, that would offer an even better experience. NOT for piracy - you can find originals cheap nowadays - but 'cause, if you don't care for PSN (from where Sony would ban you if you connected with a Jailbroken console), you can fully install its games on it and access them like a jukebox, without having to swap discs. It's one thing getting up to your TV every time to swap a game, it's quite another exiting a game and choosing a different one from a menu - while your discs rest safely, away from any dust and scratches.
  7. Vegito12

    Vegito12 Member Registered

    Dragon age origins released in 2009, you are the last warden of Grey wardens, and need to raise a army to battle arch demon, it has interesting boss battles. It has interesting characters, can do romance and some people have right ideas but turn to dark side to fight you thinking you are the enemy, you can have three characters with you when you travel and fight. Asura wrath, is a game fast pace kind of like a street fight where you get told what to do, and boss fights are amazing one guy dies when you punch finger was amazing to see that.
  8. Kitty Reeves

    Kitty Reeves Member Registered

    GTV 5 is a great game, if you like running and gunning mixed with an actually good story. The Last of Us is of course an eternal favorite of everyone with a PS3 and is a dang good game to boot. BioShock Infinite and it's "Burial At Sea" DLC are also amazing games, and are a must have if you like games that have endings that blow your mind. Fallout 3 is a classic, and another must have.
  9. Johnny Hopkins

    Johnny Hopkins Member Registered

    GTA 5 is my all time favourite PS3 game. The mechanics are great, and the game play is even better. The campaign was really awesome as well.
  10. thepieeatingjay

    thepieeatingjay Member Registered

    That question is only answerable depending on the genre of games you like. I myself love my JRPG games. So if you're into those, I'd suggest looking into some of the "Tales" franchise of games or maybe some of Nippon Ichi's games.

    But I'm a fan of other genres as well. Tell me what you like and I can suggest some goodies.
  11. valiantx

    valiantx Member Registered

    My top three PS3 games are: The Last of Us, GTA V, and Red Dead Redemption. I chose these three games because not of their popularity only, but their game-play, innovation, uniqueness, and great use of graphics. The Last of Us presented zombie games in a newer and more engaged gaming experience, plus the storyline was very well scripted and voiced. GTA V is part of the GTA game series which the games have not disappointed me since I first played GTA II. Red Dead Redmption is one of the best western style games ever created even now, and I hope to continue enjoying many future hours with the next installment.
  12. fliktor7

    fliktor7 New Member Registered

    Mmm the first one will probably be the last of us, since resident evil 1 and silent hill there wasn't a survival horror game which I like so much as this game.
    Next, metal gear solid 4 was amazing, and Tekken 6 for the third place
  13. teabwoi

    teabwoi Member Registered

    Hands down I think that the best game that I have played on the PS3 console has to be GTA V. I really think that the game blows most of the other games that I have played out of the water. It just has so many things that you can do in the game and to me I think that it what really makes the game stand out.
  14. kittyworker

    kittyworker Member Registered

    I was wondering why no one had mentioned Metal Gear Solid 4. That was honestly one of my favorite games. Another console only game that you really should give a try is Red Dead Redemption.
  15. Aladar

    Aladar Member Registered

    Well, as I'm mostly a PC player, my list will be a little weird, but here goes:

    Guilty Gear Xrd - probably the best fighting game out now, and will be for a while.
    Bayonetta - because it's fun
    Mobile Suit Gundam EX Versus Full Boost - great fighting game (yes, it is a fighting game, shush)
    GTA V - only if you can't play it on PC, or if the PC version ends up being a disaster.
  16. CaptainFalcon

    CaptainFalcon New Member Registered

    Check out The Last of Us, definitely. It's made by the same developers as Uncharted - which promises an enticing, interesting storyline as well as close up zombie-punching action!

    Other games I'd suggest include Ni No Kuni (RPG with animations from Studio Ghibli), Street Fighter IV (a staple for all consoles that can run it, in my opinion) and then Fifa/Call of Duty offer pretty awesome multiplayer features for when you want to play with friends.
  17. Jerrysbodyguard

    Jerrysbodyguard New Member Registered

    Check out Little Big Planet 1 or 2. It looks like a game for children but there is so much user-created content for you to play and the main story is actually pretty challenging. You can create levels and mini-games using the tools you've collected in the story mode and you'd be surprised at how much you can create. The most creative thing I've seen was Super Mario Bros 1 being recreated perfectly. in Create Mode. You can pick it up pretty cheap as well.
  18. Twinsmommy31

    Twinsmommy31 New Member Registered

    The Uncharted series of games has always been my number one favorite for PS3. These games are very challenging, exciting, and provide hours of game play. I can't wait for the new one to make it's debut.
  19. Plus

    Plus Forum Cat Registered

    I'd have to agree with a lot of people here on The Last of Us. It was just such a good game to play through and not only did it have a great story but beautiful graphics as well (which I've found hard to find).

    For a pick-up-put-down type of a game I'd say Little Big Planet. I used to play this with some friends when I'd come visit and we would all have a good laugh and then just hang out. It's cute and I can't say I exactly knew what was going on but it was fun.
  20. westmixxin

    westmixxin New Member Registered

    Hands down I really love the God of war series and of course the prince of Persia sands of time. I also really enjoyed prototype 2.

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