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Discussion in 'Mygamer Support' started by spudlyff8fan, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    So I FINALLY find my copy of Starcraft and the CD Key and what happens? I install it, I run it, I download the patches and my computer just shuts down. I try it again and again and again. EVERY TIME, IT HAPPENS. I turned off the auto-restart-on-crash, and then it just started freezing shut.

    So, what can I do about this? I know a bunch of other people who own this model of laptop (it's standard-issue at my college) and they can run it fine.

    Edit-It kind of seems like it runs for a certain amount of time, then craps out. Because sometimes it dies out in the lobby, sometimes in-game and sometimes while searching for a room.
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  2. scoops

    scoops Active Member Registered

    delete all your porn and run ad-aware. hehe.
  3. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    Well peeps. I've checked up all the trouble shooting and such. Have the patches, updated card drivers, anything you could think of. Played with the compatibility. None of it works. Still freezes. HELP ME!!!!!!
  4. Grantastic85

    Grantastic85 New Member Registered

    i had the same problems with Warcraft3, so i ended up deleting all the programs i never used ( as well as my porn) and used disk defragment, other wise i have no clue, freezing usually not enough memory, slow processor, bad graphics card, or in this case "battle net" shitty internet connection.
  5. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    It happens in single player. And even on the menu.
  6. tamj

    tamj New Member Registered

    what model do you have? tell me the specs so i can help you.

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