Stardew Valley

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Kitty Reeves, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Kitty Reeves

    Kitty Reeves Member Registered

    Okay, so the newest "hot" game right now seems to be Stawdew Valley. A lot of people are saying that it's like Harvest Moon, but with more freedom to it. From what I've seen, it seems like a charming little retro styled game, and a lot of people seem to love it.

    Have you played Stardew Valley yet? Do you like it? I've personally yet to play it, but I'll try it out at some point.
  2. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    It's not really my kind of game but holy crap everyone is talking about it. I might give it a try but considering I've never played games such as Harvest Moon or anything of this style before, I'll keep my expectations low.

    To be honest this seems like the kind of game that takes a lifetime and you'd still feel unsatisfied about something unfinished and go back to it lol. I like games that end.

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