Star Wars Ep 7


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Mar 11, 2016
As you could probably tell by avvy, I loved it! I think it really had the spirit of the original trilogy that we so craved and the new characters were just as good as the old. It was really great to see the old gang too, even if they never really got the band back together. Lots of awesome twists and turns (even though I had the major spoiler spoiled on a random reddit thread). Luke was absolutely epic and I loved how they handled him. So much power without ever speaking a word. I thought Kylo Ren felt very fresh and I really appreciated the approach they took with his character. That helmet though!
It was just too much awesome dude. It really delivered for me in just about every aspect. I got chills from the opening line in the text crawl. "Luke Skywalker has vanished" that had me like this:

And when the x-wings showed up to maz's castle with the epic score building in the background I was like:

So yeah, I loved it. Gigantic step up from the prequels and a sequel worthy of the originals.