Recommended Kpop groups/songs?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Lovely01, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Lovely01

    Lovely01 New Member Registered

    I'm a huge fan of Korean dramas, so of course that drama should also have a good Kpop sound track. Bands like Infinite or CN blue...even made up bands like Shut Up Flower Boy Band or AN-jell. I'm really open to try new Kpop music and to find new Kpop groups. I listen to Infinite's ''Back'' and ''Destiny'' non-stop! I love these types of songs, but if you'd like to recommend to me new Kpop groups or songs, that'd be appreciated.
  2. ChangingSkies

    ChangingSkies New Member Registered

    My all-time favourite K-Pop group has to be Girls Generation! If you haven't heard them before, you definitely have to check them out. Probably my favourite songs from them are 'Gee' (great if you're in a cutesy, fun mood) and 'I Got A Boy', which is a little more edgy and schizophrenic. Both are great!

  3. MariusCat

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    My two favorite Kpop groups have to be 2NE1 and Orange Caramel. They are both very different groups. 2NE1 is a very fun group with some great songs. I've been a fan of them since their first debut. Some of their outfits and hairstyle shave been very fun and wild too. Orange Caramel is the opposite. They're a very cute and girly group with a lot of cute and playful songs.

  4. Peachdejour

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    My daughter is wanting my to listen to a K-pop song called Mr Smiley... so I'm going to recommend it for you too!
  5. Purrdy

    Purrdy Member Registered

    I'll admit, Psy was the first Korean singer I knowingly listened to - but now that I watch PopAsia every now and again, I've been introduced to more bands. 2NE1 are pretty good, and Girls' Generation. I'll have to check out Mr Smiley. CN Blue are one of my favourites.
  6. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member Registered

    I am quite loving the Kpop girl group called APink. I also like listening to 2NE1 as I find their songs very catchy. You may want to check out the songs, I Don't Care, and Fire. Girls Generation is pretty popular here in my country as well.

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