PS4 and Xbox One - worth getting both?

Discussion in 'Playstation 3 & Playstation 4' started by SLTE, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. SLTE

    SLTE Member Registered

    I got a PS4 for Christmas last year, and though there are some fun games for the thing I don't find myself using it as often as I used my PS3 when it first came out. I've contemplated picking up the Xbox One instead... but I'm not sure if there's much point, as the two seem to have fairly similar gaming libraries, at least as far as the major games are concerned. Is there any point to owning both at this point in time, or would I just be wasting my money?
  2. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    I'm getting the Xbox One for the Fallout 4 but mainly because that system will support mods for that game that were exclusively for the PC. However, there are still exclusive games for each consoles that come out, so I don't think it would be a waste to own both.
  3. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    I've got both the PS4 and the XBOX ONE and I have to admit if I could go back, I'd probably just buy the PS4 to be honest, as I very rarely play anything on the XBOX at all these days.

    At the time it seemed like a good idea to get both, and while I suppose I'm glad I did, depending what games come out in the future will depend on if it was a waste of money or not.
  4. guruproto

    guruproto New Member Registered

    Getting both gaming systems is definitely worth. There are a slew of third party exclusives on each console as well as the specific series for each system (i.e. Halo for Xbox, MGS for PS, etc). It will get expensive to buy both systems and get the exclusives for each one, but the payoff is definitely worth it.

    You could even take it a step further and get a third system, but two is more than enough for one person.
  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    A third system? I hardly have enough time now to play what I've got, I certainly won't have time for a third system. And also I can't see that going down to well with the girlfriend either seeing as she complains she's a video game widow already!
  6. Jordan94

    Jordan94 New Member Registered

    A lot's happened to both consoles in that time to make your buying decision a lot harder. The Xbox One is getting Windows 10, while the PS4 has better-looking games and its PS Plus service is the strongest, but the Xbox One has better exclusives coming out this year.
  7. SLTE

    SLTE Member Registered

    The Xbox One version is going to support modding? Damn. I'm planning on picking Fallout 4 on launch day, so... clearly I made the wrong choice here, 'cause I do not have the specs on my computer to run that game... sigh. Oh well...
  8. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    Well, they are doing a trial run with Fallout 4 so it's a bit too early to say if they will be able to support mods on the scale of PC made mods or if the mods have to be accustomed to the console itself. Still, even if it wasn't for that, I was planning to get Xbox One for Cyberpunk 2077.
  9. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    While it might support modding, I'm also not convinced it will be anywhere near as flexible as a PC will be when it comes to it.

    It's a nice idea for the XBOX ONE, but I'd like to see how it actually works before I'd use that as a reason to buy.
  10. MakisHD

    MakisHD New Member Registered

    I think you would much rather prefer PC, keep in mind you can still hook up a controller and play most games. Titles like Skyrim and The Evil Within are amazing on PC the experience can not be compared with console. The graphics, in my eyes, just seem more immersive and detailed. If its titles you are looking for look no further, if you enjoy shooters you will without a doubt enjoy games like CSGO.
  11. gamergrill

    gamergrill New Member Registered

    When I was younger, I had the Gamecube, the XBox, the Playstation 2, and a Dreamcast. I sort of regret spending the money on all the consoles. I feel like I should have focused on one and stuck with it. After that gaming generation, I decided that I would worry less about trying to have all the consoles and game exclusives.

    Now I have a PS4 and even though there are a few exclusives on the XBox One that I would like to have, I'm resisting and sticking with the PS4 and waiting to see what Nintendo releases in 2016. I suggest picking one system and trying to ride that out this console generation. However, if someone only had a Wii U, I could see why they would want an additional system.
  12. prose

    prose Member Registered

    Even if I had the money for each, I would probably only have one instead of both. I do not think that I would regularly use both consoles if I had both. I feel that I would probably get used to and therefore favor one console over the other at some point.
  13. TheViper

    TheViper New Member Registered

    The PS4 is the superior console in my honest opinion. For me they have the better exclusives and I generally love the PS4 over other consoles. The one game I have been stuck playing on it has been Until Dawn which is a awesome PS4 exclusive.
  14. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    That's pretty much my experience. I have got both, but the PlayStation4 is played a lot more than the XBOX is, so unless some more games are released that are XBOX exclusive, I've got a feeling that buying both may have been a waste of money.
  15. mett

    mett New Member Registered

    The only reason that I would suggest for you getting an Xbox One is if you want to play the Xbox exclusives. Otherwise I suggest that you stick with the PS4. I was always a huge Xbox fan girl but with the new consoles, I find myself liking the PS4 more than the Xbox One. I think what turned me off was when Xbox announced that they were not going to let people share their games. That once you bought a game, only your system was allowed to play it. So buying cheap used games at Gamestop would be impossible. Granted that chance that but it put a bad taste in my mouth. Being such a big Xbox fan, I did end up getting an Xbox One and it really isn't anything special. I don't like that Microsoft put way too far effort in making it an system that can do everything (like watching tv, surfing the web and etc) than just concentrating on making a great gaming system. So I would get the Xbox one if you really want to play games that are Xbox exclusives (like Rise of The Tomb Raider) otherwise I'd stick to the PS4.
  16. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    Aswell as the Xbox exclusive games though, if you've got children under a certain age then the Kinect could also be an incentive for some.

    I don't think it matters just how much of a PlayStation fan you are, people can't deny that the Kinect system on the Xbox beats the PlayStation Move hands down, so if you want this type of gameplaying experience, then the Kinect is the way to go.
  17. LemonyPinkness

    LemonyPinkness LemonyPinkness Registered

    Out of the two, I'm content with just my PS4 and feel that the amount of exclusives Microsoft already available or incoming for Xbox One - a number which is dwindling with the rise of Windows 10 - isn't enough to keep my console from collecting dust. Their libraries are so similar and their interfaces totally left to personal preference, I picked up a Wii U which is a completely different animal to counterpoint my PS4. The Wii U's library is just barely enough to keep me happy but may not be big enough for some. I'd totally wait until PSVR and the NX are available so you have a few more options to consider.
  18. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    It will be interesting to see if Sony launched that rumored PS4.5 and Microsoft with their potential enhanced Xbox One. And NX is scheduled to launch next year. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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