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Discussion in 'PC Games' started by madetofly, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. madetofly

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    I always prefer to play games on PC, the graphics are better and it's a more immersive experience. But I have a Xbox, and when my friends come visit me, we usually use the console to play games. When it comes to gaming alone, I prefer the PC, but when I'm not alone I prefer using the console.
  2. julesm07

    julesm07 New Member Registered

    I see where you're coming from- with more than one person, it is definitely easier to play on a console. I've found that there are certain game styles that I would rather play on console- like racing games. Unless you have a controller hooked up to your computer (which I don't) I think racing games kind of suck on PC. On the other hand, RPGs and other games like that I would much rather play on PC.
  3. hafiz93

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    I prefer PC. I do agree that console is better when it comes to playing with a group friends, but my friend and I will use a PC when we want to play together. If we want to play FIFA or racing game, we plug in the HDMI cable from the TV to a laptop and then we can play with a laptop using a TV screen. I also prefer PC because you can modify or upgrade certain hardware if you want to play a game with high requirements, not ending up buying a new console because it's a 'console exclusive'.
  4. Axel

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    I don't like consoles because they're divisive. The more companies and devices we have the less able we will be to play the games we want. I really think PC is the only solution. With that said, handheld consoles are an exception because they provide a rather unique experience because you're not restricted by space and place.
  5. joshposh

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    I already have a PC. So I might as well get games for it and save the $400. Unless there is an exclusive that I have to get or I want to play over the net and against other gamers on the PS$ and XBOX.

    I really don't see the point in spending the money and then in a few years having to upgrade to the next generation system.

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