Old School/classic games?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Victoria Langley, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Victoria Langley

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    Do you like any of the old school style games?

    I am going to sound really old here but I used to adore the games where you would type in the commands to guide the character and most of the game was text based. I used to love trying to figure out how to use something we had picked up or trying to remember how to find a location. I remember resorting to writing directions on paper so I could find my way back.

    I was wondering the other day if there is any of these online still anywhere!

    I also used to adore a game called dino park tycoon, it's was running a theme park that you bread dino's and had to keep the park running, animals fed and set entry fee's etc without running out of money. I wish they would release one of these on Itunes or the Google Play store, I would love to re live the game play!

    What old school games did you adore or do you prefer new games?
  2. medievalmama

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    I'm not sure where to find original text based games but this website: http://ifdb.tads.org/ has hundreds of user made games and quite a few of them are extremely fun. As for old games in general, you can find almost any DOS game you can think of online for free and they will run on any modern PC as long as you download the DOSBox emulator which is also free.

    I absolutely adore the entire Elder Scrolls series especially Daggerfall and Morrowind. The original DOOM game is really fun too.
  3. Squigly

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  4. dillinger10

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    If you were a fan of Zork, you can still play this online today, here: http://thcnet.net/zork/index.php I have wasted many a night re-playing this a game. Always brings back a lot of fun memories.
  5. dyanmarie25

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    Super Mario Brothers is a classic one. I adored it. I think you can still play it in your browser though I haven't really tried it myself.
  6. dillinger10

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    I still play Super Mario Bros online sometimes, here and also Super Mario World. Both are a great way to relive some childhood nostalgia.
  7. toradada5598

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    Anybody here who used to play (or plays) Legend of Kyrandia? I just downloaded a DosBox emulator and the game recently, and I'm really impressed by its graphics. The art's pixelated but it's really detailed. And the story is one of a kind (or so I believe in its era).

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