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Discussion in 'Wii & Wii U' started by Bloom, May 7, 2015.

  1. Bloom

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    As of March 2015, Nintendo has announced their newest console that should be coming out within a couple years. The console would be called Nintendo NX. The meaning of the abbreviation "NX" is unknown but will probably be shared more during this summer's E3 where they will be discussing their platform and outlook for Nintendo products.

    Overall, it is assumed that this console would be coming out in 2016 and most likely during Thanksgiving time since that is when most of their console releases are.

    What do you think about the Nintendo NX? Do you think that it's too soon to come out with another console? I mean, they had just come out with the Wii U only a year-or-so ago. Is it truly time for another console? What do you think would be featured within the Nintendo NX?
  2. Demon_skeith

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    Nintendo already stated they won't be talking much more about NX till 2016, I think they had to say something to calm their wavering fanbase. We might get some tidbits of info at E3 or TGS but I don't expect much if anything.
  3. adfnio

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    I think this is going to be Nintendos last ditch effort to be competitive on the home console gaming side of things. I don't see them making a dent into the market that Sony and Microsoft have solidified. Unless they come out sith something that is dyno supreme, I think this may by the nail in the coffin for them.
  4. Bloom

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    @Demon_skeith I understand that they are not going to be talking about it until much, much later, but I want to see what other people think of the idea that another console is going to be in the works and what they hope to see from it. I mean, all us gamers love to have a sense of a wishlist that we explore from time to time. Nintendo NX could just be that ultimate wish that we all want in a Nintendo product!

    @adfnio I do agree with you that Nintendo has been a bit slow in terms of getting themselves together when competing against Sony and Microsoft. I was personally disappointed at their attempt of the Wii U, and I know that I am not the only one. Most of my friends hardly bought the console because they were much more satisfied with their original Wii that the thought of buying a Wii U was unnecessary. But even so, you can tell that Nintendo knew that the Wii U was a bust when they came out with SSB4 and allowed the game to be processed with the 3DS knowing that most people were using that hand-held console more. I sure do hope that they come out with some 'dyno-supreme' because Nintendo is by far the most inspirational company that I've grown up with and to see them plummet is extremely difficult.
  5. joshposh

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    To be honest I think Nintendo should throw in the towel in home consoles and stick to the portable gaming market. They have a future in portable gaming and cannot compete against Sony and Microsoft. Cute characters and mascot won't save them this time. Those fans are in their 40s now.

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