New to 3DS, Loving Every Second

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS / DS' started by AmazonXD, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. AmazonXD

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    I sat around and didn't purchase a Nintendo 3DS for the longest time, mainly because I was never interested in the handheld market. Eventually, I had to cough up and buy one due to Legend of Zelda OoT and Majora's Mask (I'm an obnoxiously huge Zelda fan). That being said, I love my Luigi 30th Anniversary 3DS, and while I obviously own both Zelda remakes, I've had an excellent time with Ultimate NES Remix. I'm also kind of interested in picking up some more casual games (Fantasy Life, the newer Pokemons) mainly due to how easy it is to pick up and play that system.

    It's just as easy to get completely immersed however, as I find myself playing my 3DS sometimes instead of the Xbox One I love so much. Any niche titles I should look out for? I've played Gunman Clive and SteamWorld Dig, and I really liked those. So what indie titles are the best?
  2. Grizz

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    im super new to the 3ds scene, but a link between worlds completely blew me away.

    im a gen 1 guy for pokemon, so ill have to get back into that.

    not sure where to start.
  3. squallsnake

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    So many great games on 3DS.

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