NES games = best ever.

Discussion in 'Classics' started by HornedDemoN, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. HornedDemoN

    HornedDemoN New Member Registered

    Contra, Batman, Chip & Dale, TMNT 3, Gun Nac, SMB 3 etc. etc.

    A huge library of epic games that made my childhood awesome, with their absurdly fun gameplay and mesmerizing soundtracks. What's your favorite NES game?
  2. Rowe992

    Rowe992 Member Registered

    I love NES but I wouldn't say it is the best of the older games. I think Sega Genesis is better but that is just me. Where NES games are concerned, I love Contra and the simulation game called Aero Biz. Mortal kombat is also another favorite of mine.
  3. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Member Registered

    I honestly can't even remember which games were on the original NES besides the Mario games. I know I owned one of those consoles and spent hours at a time on it as a child, though!
  4. HornedDemoN

    HornedDemoN New Member Registered

    It has a lot to do with what console you grew up with. For me that was the NES, hence why its games have such enormous nostalgic value for me. Unfortunately I missed out on a lot of the "greats" that came afterwards, but it is what it is... Pretty cool that nowadays you can play all the games you've missed out on an emulator.
  5. Wiseman05

    Wiseman05 Member Registered

    I agree that the NES really wasn't the best, but I do agree that our idea of best is probably more influenced by what we grew up with more. For me, that's the SNES and Genesis era, and for my younger brothers, it's the PS2 era.

    As for NES games. Man. I can't help but get excited to play whenever I can. I usually end up playing Mario 1, 2, and 3, Contra, Super Pitfall, or when I'm feeling particularly masochistic, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Something about playing them now as an adult as opposed to a 6 year old kid just seems more fun. Mostly because adult me doesn't flip his lid whenever he loses.
  6. aparsons

    aparsons New Member Registered

    That system caused me so much grief as a child! Games were so much harder back then than they are now. I think my favorite would have to be Punch Out!. I played that game so much growing up. I had notebooks full of notes about where certain characters weak spots were, and combos that could be performed on each guy. Also paperboy! Although I was never really good at that one.
  7. JoanMcWench

    JoanMcWench Member Registered

    Panic Restaurant. I love it. It's ridiculous how much I love it. I refuse to pay the price for a cartridge though. That's ridiculous. I'll stick with an emulator.
  8. HornedDemoN

    HornedDemoN New Member Registered

    Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! is one of the games I didn't play as a kid and only managed to beat recently (with an emulator). The sucky part is that I've missed a lot of the classics, but it's still a pretty fun experience to play through them even today. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I think I lost to Glass Joe once...
  9. joshposh

    joshposh Member Registered

    I thought that Battle Toads and Shadow Gate were the best games of the NES. Sure there are other great titles, but those 2 stood out for me. Lots of publishers for the NES, so there was diversity in the games. Sega had no chance at the time due to limited 3rd party support.
  10. toradada5598

    toradada5598 New Member Registered

    Yes!!! And then aside from being hard to finish, the games also don't have save points!

    Wait... They had weak spots?! Dang, that must be why it's so hard >:) Man, I shouldn't have given up on this game :(

    Anyway, my favorite NES game would be Solomon's Key. It was sooooo hard (at least for me, lol)!!! I never got to finish it, but my father did <<he's where I got my gamer genes from, haha.
  11. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    Mine would be Contra, but I never really played that many games on it, to be honest. I liked the next generation console games a little more. I did enjoy duck hunt and the few other gun games though. I wish I could still play them again today.
  12. Necrotica

    Necrotica New Member Registered

    My favorite NES game is Ninja Gaiden. I love the cinematic style of the whole experience, and it's nice to have a bit of challenge every once in a whole :)
  13. adfnio

    adfnio New Member Registered

    The original NES came out at a time when there were no home game consoles. It set the standard and reinvigerated the video game market.
  14. Aladar

    Aladar Member Registered

    I actually prefer the 16bit era games tobl the 8bit. While I did grew up on NES games, a lot of them don't really pass the test of time. The later games are much more futureproof I feel.
  15. MandyMarieB

    MandyMarieB Member Registered

    My favorite was Maniac Mansion. Closely followed by Ducktales. ;) Also had Mickey's Mousecapades and Adventures In The Magic Kingdom. Those were impossible to beat, though...
  16. aboleth_lich

    aboleth_lich Member Registered

    The NES was my very first console as a young lad; it holds a very special place in my heart as such and I spent a fair portion of my childhood enjoying its 8-bit wonders! (A fairly typical attitude for someone my age.) (However, my love for the NES is eclipsed by my love for the SNES!)

    My all-time favourite NES game is... *drum-roll* Crystalis! I consider it to be by far the greatest RPG of the system! (Although the two The Legend of Zelda games are, of course, also fantastic! That's right, both of them!)

    Some of my other favourite NES games are: the Megaman series (especially 2 & 3), Castlevania, Batman, Blaster Master, Metroid, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Bubble Bobble, Dragon Warrior, Journey to Silius, Star Tropics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Spy vs Spy.
  17. Necrotica

    Necrotica New Member Registered

    I've been playing a ton of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Battletoads recently. Such a damn good console
  18. lamanlupa

    lamanlupa Member Registered

    Oh, God! Where do I begin? Contra is definitely up there. Together with Super Mario Bros. III. I also loved Green Berets, Airwolf, Power Blazer, Megaman I and II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I and II, Warwolf (also known as Werewolf: The LastWarrior), Double Dragon, Double Dribble and Kung-Fu.These are my favorites, I mean I just can't seem to pick just one. They were so great to play and never bored me. I think even if I played them now, I'd still be having a grand time finishing them.
  19. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    Yes, of course the NES is/was a great system. Retro FTW.
  20. misskrystal1982

    misskrystal1982 New Member Registered

    I love NES. I still love to play Mario, TMNT, and Zelda

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