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Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS / DS' started by TheDarkRose_93, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. TheDarkRose_93

    TheDarkRose_93 Member Registered

    For those of you who know of and play any of the games from the Monster Hunter series, what are your expectations for 4 ultimate? I wish I had a 3DS to play it though. I do love that they included every weapon, even some new ones like the Insect glaive. All the new monsters look amazing (especially Gore Magala). Feel free to share your comments!
  2. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    Expecting it to be a better Monster Hunter with the zone loaded all at once. Hopefully something that I can finally find a party online without much of an issue with too.
  3. TheTempleKnight

    TheTempleKnight New Member Registered

    I loved and adored Monster Hunter for the Playstation 2. I sunk hundreds of hours into it without blinking. It was simply amazing, and I thought close to perfect. Of course, you always want more armors and more weapons... You want more enemies and more zones. And further titles provided that, but they all have really missed out on the multiplayer experience.

    I tried getting into both the PSP Monster Hunter 2 and Wii U Monster Hunter and unfortunately I caught onto both of these titles a little later than I should have. I could never find groups of people to play with. And when I did find people, they never wanted to help me with my lowly and lame quests. I can't blame them for that, either, ha. I wouldn't want to do such low ranking quests either.

    So, with MH4U, I am hoping there is a system in place to make it a lot easier to progress through the game alone if you have to. Playing solo shouldn't be a burden like it is. With that said, there should be a premium on group play. Make it easier to find groups of people to play with and make it easy to stay in touch with them and play with them in the future.

    I have no worries about keeping the game fresh with new weapons / zones / items / combat styles, because that is something MH has excelled at. Keeping the base game the same experience while keeping it fairly new and fresh.
  4. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    The best experiences I have managed is the few times I streamed the game and a bunch of the viewers demanded I get online so they could show me how it should really be done and they could drag me through to the "good" sections of the game. One of the few times I managed to roll with a full group.
  5. Plus

    Plus Forum Cat Registered

    I've watched people in my house play through Monster Hunter on the WiiU and found it pretty interesting. I was actually looking into getting the version for 3Ds soon, but funds seem to be running a bit tight.
    For the longest time I was confused because I thought Monster Hunter was the same as Monster Rancher (which I used to watch/play all the time when I was little).

    From what I've heard from people is that you either love or hate the Monster Hunter series, what are you experiences with getting new players into it?
  6. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    There are breaking points in almost every monster hunter for people. Normally it is the first difficult boss, or the first "skill check" if you will. One of the more interesting things about the game is that even if you are decked out in the best gear in the game early monsters can still take you down if you are careless or they come in numbers. I normally try not to get my friends into the games because I am always afraid that I will have basically lost that friend.
  7. Rowan

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    I played Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. It was really fun. I heard freedom unite had the best story. I really wanted to get Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but didn't have the money. I watched a complete play through on YouTube and the game is absolutely amazing. I like CAPCOM's decision to move to Nintendo. They made really good decisions recently, like making the graphics better on freedom unite, then releasing it on IOS.
    I will purchase is game, even though I've seen the entire story, (there isn't much of a story). I've been a fan for a while and will definatly get the next game when it comes out.
  8. Squigly

    Squigly Undead Gamer Registered

    I've only played the older Monster Hunter games (Freedom Unite and 3rd on the PSP) since I do not own a DS. While I thoroughly enjoyed both the difficulty level seems to be on a decline. There aren't one-hit kill moves like there were on the Fatalis in the original series. Still, love the graphics and monster designs of the monsters in MH4.
  9. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    A ton of the one hit stuff has been moved to the later game. The earlier Monster Hunters loved to give you quests where you would have to steal a Dragon egg while you were not where armor or something along those lines. It did a great job teaching you how important armor upgrades were, but it also made you feel stupid for dropping the egg for the 20th time because you ran out of stamina running from a random enemy that popped up.

    The egg quests are Monster Hunter's answer to escort quests.

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