Mini ITX Builds

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussions' started by jayres, May 5, 2015.

  1. jayres

    jayres New Member Registered

    Has anyone built Mini ITX PC with a case that isn't approaching that of a mid tower? Im looking at the Silverstone cases for an i7, mid-range GPU build. Any ideas on how easy the assembly is and whether or not I should expect any serious overheating in such a small case?
  2. psterjj

    psterjj New Member Registered

    I've been looking into building a mini ITX PC but haven't pulled the trigger yet. From what I have read you should be good as far as cooling goes as long as you get the proper cooling equipment and pay attention to how you route the cables. It also helps if you don't have the machine pushed back into a corner but more out in the open.

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