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Discussion in 'Mygamer Support' started by scoops, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. scoops

    scoops Active Member Registered

    Why does MyGamer not eliminate old, innactive accounts? Is there a particular reason? I noticed we have over 4k "members", but in reality I would say about 50 or so people post regularly.
  2. asylum_boy

    asylum_boy Executive Editor Registered

    We still have plenty that come on from time to time......like some won't come on in like 3 months, then they'll pop their head in and say yoohoo..........and then there are the occasional ones that just want to still be logged on so they can play the arcade.............I'm here all the time 'cause the "powers that be" won't give me the damn key out of this rubber room......C'mon guys, i'll promise i'll be good.....no more Halo Killing Sprees, scouts honor
  3. scoops

    scoops Active Member Registered

    Fair enough.
  4. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    Well, deleting all the accounts that are 3 months old with no posts and no avatar may be a good idea...
  5. Stan

    Stan myGamer Slave Staff Member Registered

    Why delete the accounts? They dont affect us in anyway, plus what if one wanted to come back, we would welcome them..

  6. Andre3k

    Andre3k New Member Registered

    Yeah, I mean awhile back I didn't get on here for a couple of months and if my account would have got deleted then I would have been sad. I think that for people that want to return, and they come back and find their account deleted, it would be discouraging to re-sign up for an account.
  7. Shadab Kamal

    Shadab Kamal New Member Registered

    This is very nice post thanks a lot...!!!
  8. Stan

    Stan myGamer Slave Staff Member Registered

    Joke post? Why bring up a post from 8 years ago to say VERY NICE.. I have your account on watch..

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