Is it me or have the releases of Wii games really declined?

Discussion in 'Wii & Wii U' started by primalclaws1974, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. primalclaws1974

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    I have loved the Wii for a variety of reasons. It was innovative when it drastically changed the controller. Sony even copied the Wiimote to an extent. Part of the reason I bought the console was because of the Mario franchise, and partly because they seemed to be the lead in getting games, and sometimes exclusive games. Why have people slowed down making games for the Wii? Is it getting too old? Is Nintendo too hard to come to an agreement with? I don't believe it is because of the Wii U.
  2. AFKATafcar

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    It's absolutely because of the Wii U. The console isn't nearly as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, so larger AAA titles just won't run as well on the Wii U. Developers are choosing to skip the Wii U altogether because they can create better and more advanced games on other platforms. It's as simple as that.

    Nintendo tried to get the jump on Sony and Microsoft by releasing a next gen console first. In doing so, the company created an underpowered console that undersold and turned off many developers. Plenty of great games are coming out for the Wii U, but a lot of them are close to home AKA Nintendo's main franchises.
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  3. Tycoonie259

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    The problem is indeed that the bigger titles, like GTA V for example, aren't present in Nintendo's systems because developers don't think it's worth their time, making it have about no big titles except for their own franchise like mario kart. The Wii U is not that bad, though in the current gen, it's just not powerful enough.
  4. primalclaws1974

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    I don't have any experience with the Wii U, but it seems like it was underdeveloped? The issue I see with Nintendo is that they seem too wrapped up in their own franchises. They seem to think that "Mario" and "Zelda" and the like are enough to keep them afloat. Is this true? Do you think Nintendo will still be making consoles twenty years from now or will they fade away?
  5. JayWifi

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    The market for the Wii has been a very interesting one. Not too long ago it was one of the most bought systems, now it overshadowed by the Wii U for the better game selection and the Wii is just getting cheaply made games into its market. There aren't many games that make me wish to go back to the Wii besides Zelda:TP and SSBB.
  6. Kitouski

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    Historically game consoles are no longer developed for a few years after their successor is released and the Wii is no exception. The WiiU uses the same controllers, is more technologically powerful and is what's making them money now that most people have the original Wii. I'd be surprised if the Wii got even one more worthwhile game.

    I wouldn't in anyway say the WiiU is underdeveloped; if anything it's overdeveloped. It's around as powerful as last generation if not a tad more powerful, and most games of the now have been crossplatform on everything. Not just PS4/Xbone, but PS4/Xbone/Xbox360 and PS3. The problem is developing and optimizing the gamepad and the motion controls on a console with a subpar install base, and no companies seem to want to take that risk which is why they're stuck funding companies for exlusives (Monster Hunter games, Bayonetta) or making them themselves such as Mario/Zelda. I think the WiiU will do fine this generation.
  7. Tycoonie259

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    Well, if you look at the fact that most big titles like GTA aren't developed on the Wii U, it indeed looks like Nintendo is fading away. The problem was just that the Wii U wasn't powerful enough yet, so I hope their next big console will be more competitive with the other consoles, because the Wii U is fun, but it's clear that the PS4 and Xbox one are just better when it comes to performance.

    It's true that Nintendo uses their Mario and Zelda franchise to stay in the game, if it weren't for those, Nintendo would've been pretty much done. That's why I hope they'll be more open to other games and franchises too, when their next console comes out
  8. Kitouski

    Kitouski Member Registered

    This part definitely isn't true, at least not in this particular for instance. "Blitz Games Studios", "Frozenbyte", "5th Cell" and numerous other developers have all stated the the WiiU is MUCH more powerful then last generation, but not quite next generation. The only time the WiiU was ever considered less powerful then the Xbox360 and PS3 was before it came out and sites were hungry for spec information to draw conclusions from. I couldn't find a single article from a source that matters (a developer or programmer) that was making this claim that wasn't from 2012. The 360/PS3 quality version that came out last year, or even something in between the last gen version and next gen version could've definitely been handled by the WiiU.

    Why would Rockstar want to develop an M rated game for a company that has a notoriously bad streak of poor sales for Mature titles on a console with the lowest install base with requirements such as having to spend more money into controller optimization? There's nothing but money to be lost, and every developer knows that. Nintendo shot themselves in the foot making 3rd party developers not want to develop for them; it's not that they can't it's just that there's a huge risk to expand titles on to it. Does anyone remember ZombiU? Exactly. It only takes a couple of developers to make a sizable loss for them to just decide it's not even worth it anymore.

    On the flipside though, they'll probably carry themselves with 3DS sales alone and a constant stream of fan loyal games on the console has been picking the WiiU back up as of late. Sales in some regions literally tripled, and doubled in others with the release of Mario Kart. Same thing happened with Smash Brothers. They've also been buying up in house developers (Devil's Third, Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade all being WiiU exclusives) so I think it's a little early to count them out.
  9. sorrowscall

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    Well, with the Wii U pretty much overshadowing it's predecessor, I'm relatively sure the original Wii game market is bound to decline; similar to what happened with the PS2 and PS1. On the bright side, it does mean original Wii game prices are going to start to slowly lower in stores everywhere.
  10. Mackmax

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    I think that many people have lost interest, which means the game sales are down, which means developers aren't too excited to rush into making games. The Wii was released in 2006, and the Wii U wasn't released until late 2012. It took Nintendo nearly 7 years to come up with a major new upgrade, while in the meantime Kinect, PSP, PS Vita, Playstation Move, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry, Call of Duty, Halo, and many other popular games and peripherals were being released and selling like hot cakes. The Wii's graphics and controllers remained the same, while other consoles and gaming laptops were evolving constantly.
    The Wii couldn't keep up, so it got left behind.
  11. Boxcube

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    Yeah, the games have definitely slowed down to a small trickle, but I think the Wii will be looked back upon as a great console that people will continue to play. Motion controls have been a fad, but I think it will be a system that families keep coming back to.

    A lot of the games are made with a lot of replay value.
  12. Twinsmommy31

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    It does seem that the selection of games is not as great as those for PlayStation. I really love the Mario franchise games so I would love for them to put more great games out for us to enjoy.
  13. hellonamesdana

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    I've definitely noticed that as well. I feel like games for x-box and play station are coming out constantly, but I'm not really seeing any new games releasing for nintendo as often as I would like.
  14. Hybridlullaby

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    I feel like the Wii system family has been made for children primarily. If you look at the games released, it is pretty apparent. There are not very many games made for adults, but the ones that are, are the iconic titles like Brawl and Zelda. These titles have a cult following who will continue to buy the games and system that come out just for the name, like Pokémon. There are still a lot of Brawl competitions and gatherings.

    It just seems, in my opinion, to just be a children's system. It does not carry all of the mature rated games which people tend to gravitate toward more. I don't think that it will fade out. Sony has already said that they don't want to make any more systems though.
  15. Cynthia Sandoval

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    I also bought the Wii because of the Mario era. Shortly after purchase I was upset because I also noticed how the games for the system stopped being made. So I decided to invest in the Wii U which I love because I feel its tailored to my needs and appropriate for my children. But I feel the variety of game selection is very small, but I do love the option to purchase and load some of the Nintendo Classics.

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