Is a PS4 worth saving for?

Discussion in 'Playstation 3 & Playstation 4' started by CaptainFalcon, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. CaptainFalcon

    CaptainFalcon New Member Registered

    I wouldn't say I have very much disposable income at the moment, but getting a new job soon (hopefully). Do you guys think that a PS4 is worth prioritising any time soon? Bearing in mind my PS3 has recently broke, I'm finding myself increasingly bored recently, and this seems to be the perfect remedy.
  2. atlantasports

    atlantasports Member Registered

    From everyone that I know who has a PS4, it is definitely not disappointing. If you don't want your PS3, then you can sell that and the games and that will help lessen the cost. The games that are coming out for the PS4 are awesome, so it is definitely worth saving up for.
  3. awesomeaniruddh

    awesomeaniruddh New Member Registered

    If you are into gaming, then the PS4 is definitely worth it. Not only is it better than XBOX One with a similar price, it has some pretty darn good exclusives. Go for it.
  4. MachoMan

    MachoMan New Member Registered

    I'll tell you this my friend, it has many more features than the PS3. The games that are being pumped out right now are of high quality visually (but some times not so much in game play).

    One thing you'll have to factor in is the fact that, if you want to play online with your friends, you'll have to purchase a subscription to Playstation Plus.

    There is a fair amount of opinion on this, but personally, the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. One thing is that you get free monthly titles. $90 for a years subscription and you can have 2-3 games for PS4 for free. You also get 2-3 games for PS3 and PS Vita. So 5 to 6 free games every month, ranging between $10 to $89.99!!

    The PS4 controller is new also, it has a great design and new dual shock sticks.

    One lame thing however is that sometimes PSN gets attacked by hackers, or even just has form of hiccup.

    Just some stuff to consider :):)
  5. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    I think it's alright but I personally would much rather just wait a while longer. There just aren't that many games available for it now as far as I know and of the few that are already out, I only like a couple. If almost all the new gen games appeal to you get it would probably be worth it even if there are only a few of them out now.
  6. Twinsmommy31

    Twinsmommy31 New Member Registered

    The PS4 is a great investment and you will enjoy it when you have it. You should wait until the price goes down and until more games are available. You can always get a reduced price PS3.
  7. TonyMHFan

    TonyMHFan Member Registered

    Where do you live that a PS+ sub is $90? It's $50 in the US and I think 35 pounds in the UK.
  8. TonyMHFan

    TonyMHFan Member Registered

    A PS4 is worth saving up for and grabbing. People can say it has no games now, but whether that is true or not is irrelevant, that's not what the PS4 will only ever be. You're also not getting it immediately and in the 6 months - 1 year you hold off on getting the landscape could be completely different in that short a span of time.

    Any console is an investment. If someone buys a PS3 today they have 10 years of past content to give them a return on investment. If someone buys a PS4 they are only getting a couple years of content in the short term, but that comes with all the potential possible in the next 8 years.
  9. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    I recently upgraded from a ps3 to the ps4 and while I'm far from disappointed with the system, I am slightly annoyed by the lack of games available. I know that everybody has a different genre of game they like but for me the only games I play at the moment regularly are FIFA15 and GTAV.
  10. Kitty Reeves

    Kitty Reeves Member Registered

    It depends. The PS4 isn't backwards compatible, so you can't play ANY of your PS3 games on it. :mad: The PS4 has great graphics and all, and they have "remastered" some really great PS3 games for it (The Last of Us and GTV5) but it doesn't have any super amazing games for it yet. The Order: 1886 and InFamous: Second Son are both PS4 exclusives, but neither of them are that good of games, asides from superior graphics. It all depends. You can also get PS3 for under 200 bucks on eBay. o_O
  11. flamingor

    flamingor New Member Registered

    I probably won't buy a new console this year since I still love all the new releases in the PS3. The PS3 is still good and running so I don't really see a reason why I would change it unless no one wants to make games for it anymore.
  12. rightct

    rightct New Member Registered

    It's definitely worth it, but I personally wouldn't buy it because my PS3 is still functional and wouldn't really lay anything new to the table whatsoever.
    I think that you should however sell the PS3's components, stack the money you receive and buy yourself a brand new PS4. In my country, the price has decreased considerably, and I think the same goes for other countries, too. I don't think you could regret anything.
  13. bogartdelarama

    bogartdelarama New Member Registered

    In my opinion, unless you already have more than enough money for yourself, then you shouldn't save up for PS4, or any other console for that matter. I mean, I'm pretty sure there are still countless of awesome titles that you haven't tried playing yet in the console(s) you currently have.
  14. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    It's definitely worth saving up for in my opinion. I obviously wouldn't say you should go without essential day to day items in order to save up, after all it's just a console at the end of the day but if you have the chance to get one, then I definitely would.
  15. adfnio

    adfnio New Member Registered

    Hopefully the slimmed down version is announced in June. That should bring down the overall price and we all can stop debating about it and buy one. The price should come down considerably.
  16. westmixxin

    westmixxin New Member Registered

    I believe the PS four is a incredibly interesting system and over time I'm pretty sure some games are going to come out to really mark the upgrade and keep it in the spotlight. I don't think it's gotten enough attention to be honest with you. I will think any of the upgrades have gotten enough attention to be honest with you.
  17. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    I think the price will start to drop anyway, doesn't matter when the slim version comes. At the end of the day, if your going to get one, then it's going to cost you.
  18. MandyMarieB

    MandyMarieB Member Registered

    I'm in the process of saving for one right now. I got a PS3 almost two years ago, but since Arkham Knight came out on PS4 only, I figured I needed to upgrade. :/ Though I'm sure the moment I do, PS5 will be announced, haha. Seems to be my luck.
  19. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    Might be worth hanging on till nearer to Christmas now @MandyMarieB there's usually some decent offers around then leading up to the holidays, and it might seem ages off but it's really not!
  20. Jordan94

    Jordan94 New Member Registered

    For me personally I would say yes. I think that the ps4 is probably the best gaming system in the market. It has by far the best exclusive games available in my opinion. Plus it all just really depends on what you're looking for in a gaming system. I would suggest doing some research and making sure that the ps4 is the right system for you.

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