How often do you upgrade your system?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussions' started by Zyni, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. calebmelvern

    calebmelvern New Member Registered

    I bought a desktop PC earlier this year and I made sure the specs were perfect for what I need it to do. This is why I haven't upgraded anything yet. I also don't see upgrading anytime soon. My rig doesn't have the greatest specs, but it gets the job done. Upgrading at this point would be all just for flair.
  2. wulfman

    wulfman Member Registered

    I have a lap top so upgrading is not really feasible. I wish I had a desktop and if and when I do get one I will make sure there are a lot of empty slots to upgrade RAM.
  3. shreklock

    shreklock Member Registered

    You can definitely upgrade your laptop, though the parts generally costs more than on pc.
  4. BluBird

    BluBird Member Registered

    I bought a mid range PC last year and I don't see any need to upgrade anything for at least another year. I think I'll end up going 3 years, depends if I have more money than I know what to do with at any point.
  5. t0wering1

    t0wering1 New Member Registered

    I upgrade my desktop every 4 years to keep up with the graphics requirements for new games. As for laptops and portable devices, it's probably every 2 years because they have so much wear and tear on them that they need replacing.
  6. aposensei

    aposensei New Member Registered

    Generally, I think you can get away without upgrading the parts of your rig for a long, long time. However, I believe that a GPU should be upgraded every 3 years or so in order to be able to run everything on ultra. Of course that's a very general rule that may not apply to your case, depending on how expensive is your current GPU. Other than that, I upgrade only a part "dies".
  7. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz Member Registered

    I upgrade my components as needed every 1-2 years, until the base MOBO and processor can no longer support upgrades. I'm maxed out on my RAM already on my 3.5 year old rig (16GB) because that's all the MOBO will support. The only component I have left that's upgradeable is the GPU, which I plan to do in the next 6 months or so. I want to try and get about 5 years of life out of this system before I totally replace it.
  8. wulfman

    wulfman Member Registered

    When I desperately need to. LMAO. I don't have money to spare to just randomly upgrade my system for my gaming needs. Anyway I have a laptop presently so it is not possible anyway. I don't take it around much though so my next machine is definitely going to be a desktop of some sort.
  9. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    Every 2 years on average. Excepting being if something's dead or dying. I'm not really that interested in going crazy over upgrading every year or every 6 months like some people. Gives me time to do some research and build up funds for whatever I want to get.
  10. Lukas

    Lukas New Member Registered

    I'm upgrading my system only when it need to be upgraded. I mean, I'm now working on Windows 8.1 and I'm happy because of that. I don't think about upgrading it to Win 9 early releases, as I don't need it at the moment. I suppose that people are changing their systems due to better performance in games etc. To be honest - I don't care about that. It's optimal for me now, as I have old PC too.
  11. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Member Registered

    Not very often to be honest, but I am just now buying some memory to upgrade an old laptop that was still running on 1 GB RAM lol, so now with 3GB I am hoping to see it more normal. :)
  12. Muthoni

    Muthoni Member Registered

    I bought a previously owned laptop that did not have webcam drivers. I went back recently to the person who sold it to me and they asked me for more money for the drivers. I am surviving without a webcam at present. The reason why I bought this brand (dell latitude) is because I wanted a webcam so that I could record myself singing just for fun.
  13. globulon

    globulon Member Registered

    I never really upgrade for the sole purpose of getting the newest and best graphics card out there. I only have a switch once my hard drives eventually give out or my CPU won't even start anymore, which is every 5 years or so. Once that happens, however, I'll spring for a power set up to last me the next 5 years!
  14. Banana11crazy

    Banana11crazy New Member Registered

    I only upgrade when it's necessary, i.e. too many games that would be unplayable because they're too demanding or when a part breaks. I've got a feeling these 2 reasons are the mainstream ones because you'll need to upgrade if one of these things happen. I think upgrading every like 2 years is just too costly.
  15. RobertNick

    RobertNick New Member Registered

    I have a tendency to purchase middle to lower-level stuff, so I need to overhaul specs all the more frequently.

    As much as I cherish gaming as a leisure activity, I'm not monetarily dexterous about spending on it. I can just make do with whatever I have left in the bank before the year's over. There were times when I had some insane considerations about taking an individual advance to store a 10k+ tower like certain enthusiast(or outright batshit crazy) clients, however my low maintenance does not profit to support buying one focused around that reason, and PC parts devalue excessively quick for me to consider offering it away following 4 years.

    So I assume 4-year cycle for full framework upgrade and 2-year cycle of GPU redesign is fine for me. Not very long and not very short.
  16. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Member Registered

    It totally depends on the use you give to the system. If it's a gaming pc sure, it needs to be upgraded often, but if it's just for browsing the net there is almost no need.
  17. Rowe992

    Rowe992 Member Registered

    I use games as a marker for when my system is no longer able to play them. I tend to upgrade my gpu more frequently than my motherboard and cpu. I would say a pc last me for an average of 5 years. I just get a new tower and motherboard and cpu and reuse my hard drives.
  18. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Member Registered

    I am not really an expert, I have only upgraded my RAM memory, what's the point in updating the CPU?
  19. Cmok

    Cmok Member Registered

    I had my last build for 12 years. Of course over time I upgraded the CPU then added more RAM then a new GPU, however all of these were pretty outdated when I bought them. I kept that PC as I have a 500GB HDD with an old IDE port that I can't use with my new build.
  20. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Member Registered

    I upgrade every few years, or just when it's needed.

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