Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by techbeast34, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. techbeast34

    techbeast34 Member Registered

    A lot of people hack and cheat in games, either by glitching, or going as so far as to download mods for their game. Have you ever done it?

    I have. I've cheated in a lot of games, actually, but most of them flash games just to screw around with them to see what it does. The only games I've really gone so far as to modding for cheats is Minecraft and CoD: WaW. Minecraft, I used the Nodus client to hack, and for WaW, I forgot what the hack name was called, but it was fun screwing around in zombies and stuff. I honestly don't like it that much after awhile because it takes away from the fun of the game, and while it may be fun for a bit of time, it wears out.

    Also please note that by hacking, I don't mean mods that change textures, add funny things, or stuff like that. I mean mods that would help you gain an advantage in multiplayer or singleplayer gameplay.
  2. cyberpinoy

    cyberpinoy Member Registered

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, right, Left, right, B, A, Select,Start

    Name that code :)

    Of course, we have all tried codes and hacks at some point in our gaming life. Me personally, I don't cheat unless I can beat the game without them. But once I beat the game I love to input the codes and have some extra fun, unlimited ammo, God Modes, codes like that. But for me I have no pleasure unless I know I can beat the game without them.

    How about for the hardcore NON Hackers, do you feel a walk-through guide is a form of cheating? I also do not use those until I beat the game. After I beat the game myself I want to see if I missed anything so i will go buy the official and unofficial walk-through and compare them to the game I played.
  3. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    I never used mods nor took advantage of glitches unless I was completely stuck and didn't feel it necessary to beat the challenge the traditional way. The most I used were cheat codes that were presumably already put in place by the developers themselves, but only when the game was way too hard and I didn't mind cheating my way through it.
  4. Squigly

    Squigly Undead Gamer Registered

    I've used them in single player games, but never for multiplayer games. I think it's okay to play around with god mode cheats for fun, but not against other real life players since it devalues the game experience for them.
  5. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Member Registered

    Am not Holy John or anything but I've found no reason to cheat or hack into games.I think it would make the game less fun because the whole point in a game is to compete with our self or friends.
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  6. YunaKazama26

    YunaKazama26 Member Registered

    I like to play games fair and square. I would never think of cheating. I don't know how to hack the game or know any hackers. Maybe I did try cheat codes for the old PS2 games (I actually had a cheat code book that came with a magazine) like for Twisted Metal games but that's it. No cheating and hacking for the other platforms, PC or not.
  7. Miles Hansen

    Miles Hansen New Member Registered

    That's the Konami-code :p That is actually the first "cheat" I ever used in a game. Silent Hill 3 from 2003, if you beat the game, and then use this code Douglas appears in his underwear in every cutscene. That was a great moment for me :p

    I used to use one of those chat bots in League of Legends. The ones that keep track of spawn timers for dragon, baron, red buff, blue buff, etc. But after a while I didn't really need it anymore. I know that it isn't traditional cheating, but I still feel really bad about it. Thankfully they implemented that mechanic into the game, so now it doesn't really matter anymore. It helps relief my guilt a little, even if it's still there.
  8. Arma45

    Arma45 New Member Registered

    As soon as I figured out I could, I did. By cheats that were in the game or by using a CD/ Cheat device. When I was younger, I didn't understand to much and found things difficult for me so I decided to cheat to make things fun and easy for me. All I wanted to do at that time was to beat the games by any means necessary.

    As for modding, I want to do this with Skyrim and Just Cause but I am not sure my GPU will truly handle it. I have 2GB of VRam and I imagine I can handle some things but not too many. I am still learning about modding games to make some of them different from their vanilla counterpart.
  9. Zaney

    Zaney New Member Registered

    I have never cheated in a multiplayer game, but I have in some single player ones. Mostly just to mess around for fun, not because I couldn't beat it without cheats. I have modded Minecraft before, but I have never used a hacked client whose purpose is solely cheating.
  10. dpatel304

    dpatel304 Member Registered

    Never cheated against someone. If I play online against other people, I like to keep things fair. Same goes for when I play people offline as well. I only cheat when it's purely for pleasure and I just want to mess around in a game. I'll also never cheat to simply progress through a game, even if it's a hard single-player game that I'm stuck on. I can't really think of any recent examples, but I know I used a lot of cheats when I played Duke Nukem 3D and Doom on PC. This was after I had completed the game, of course. Once I did that, it was fun to just fly, teleport, walk through walls, etc..
  11. Atlas_Hope

    Atlas_Hope Member Registered

    Never hacked or cheated, I think it's fine to do so if its like modding or once you've beat a game or trying to find secrets or messing around etc.., but otherwise it just makes the games not fun, especially for multiplayer games.
  12. Azrile

    Azrile Member Registered

    I am similar, the only time I remember purposefully ´hacking´ a game was using a console command in Warcraft1-3 to remove the cloud of war. I have used a ton of mods for games, especially stuff like Baulder´s gate, but I avoid any that make the game easier, mostly I used ones that fix a bug or add a little content.
  13. Catalyst64

    Catalyst64 Member Registered

    I have using hacks when I was very young (like 11 years old, probably), but only because I wanted to try it and I would either have difficulties with finding a hack/making it work or I would get banned so I stopped. I have not cheated in a game ever since. I think it's childish and I like working hard for what I earn instead of cheating my way into getting it.
  14. c9h2ua

    c9h2ua New Member Registered

    I wish I know the way to cheat, but there is no way for some games. However, I used to play sims on my Android phone, and there is actually a way that you can earn more money, but nothing would be fun anymore because it loses the purpose of playing a game.
  15. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    Yeah I think making it easier by cheat is a way of lessening the intended experience. I only do it when I've already finished the game once so I will put on the cheats just out of curiosity on how they will work but I'd only ever do so on my second or third run of a game especially if I really like it.
  16. cyberpinoy

    cyberpinoy Member Registered

    I think that is just a modification or MOD, not so much a cheat. All MOBAs have Mods of some kind but those are available to all players who wish to use them. So since there really is not an unfair advantage I would not call them cheats, in my opinion.
  17. niiro17

    niiro17 New Member Registered

    Yep, I have cheated in games but only in Single-player. I don't cheat when it involves other players or multi-player games but if it's only me, it's okay. I have encountered many cheaters in an online game and I think it's stupid to do that because everyone is playing fair.
  18. teabwoi

    teabwoi Member Registered

    Every single GTA game that I have ever had the opportunity to own I have been putting in codes like the one that you have at the top of this post. To me cheat codes are what make the game good because you can do some cool things in the game once you have some cheat codes.
  19. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Member Registered

    I think that all the gamers have used a number of cheats, some are codes like the ones you guys mention, other add-ons to browsers, it's just a part of the gamers frustration, try to cheat to beat the system and other players. :)

    Not all the time though, it would make it lose the fun.
  20. eMike22

    eMike22 New Member Registered

    I remember playing Counter Strike with hacks ages ago. It used to really annoy people, and although I now know that ruining someone's game is definitely not a cool thing to do, 11 year old me found it hilarious how they'd shout obscenities and get so worked up over a game.
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