Halo MCC - 3 months later, still broken

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 & XBOX ONE' started by avalonx, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. avalonx

    avalonx New Member Registered

    It's really to bad what happened to the MCC. Meant as a love letter to the fans this collection turned into a total disaster. Not being able to join matches, dedicated server promises erased and a myriad of single player issues including saves being corrupted. Recently, 343 send out invited to preview members (which I am a part of) to pilot the new MCC beta patch which in itself is a bit weird. Announced on a Wednesday for the weekend it never happened leaving many of us frustrated with no date announced. In your eyes with this impact your decision to purchase Halo 5 or anything from 343?
  2. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    This is very disappointing and not expected of 343. EA, yeah sure, but not 343. They are trying to make things right by adding ODST as free DLC sometime in the future but a broken game is still a broken game. Also, with all the patches, MCC takes like like half of my X1 hard drive space. Hopefully they did their homework with the Halo 5 beta so this wont repeat.
  3. avalonx

    avalonx New Member Registered

    They are also remaking the Halo 2 map Relic. I think they had an odd choice of maps chosen for H2A to begin with. (Warlord?) Still, from what I am reading the new "patch" is pretty much a rebuild of MP. I think the date 343 has circled is Jun 16th because that is E3. They really can't roll in there with this game still broken of they cannot really focus on Halo 5 properly.
  4. laladyhope

    laladyhope New Member Registered

    I am obviously upset that this was such a disaster, especially considering how horrible the matchmaking was, but I managed to run through all the single player campaigns with no problem. For the price of four single player campaigns and the Halo 5 beta, I don't think I can really complain about it too much.

    I hope they can get the multiplayer issues resolved once and for all because I am scared this will make people hesitant to buy Halo 5, and I would really like to see a huge halo 5 community when it finally launches!
  5. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Member Registered

    MCC has been a lot more stable, and I've actually gotten it to work in the past couple weeks. Some of those issues are still there, but I think they'll get everything ironed out eventually. It's a shame and could do some damage for Halo 5 because consumers are going to be wary about the game even working in the first place.
  6. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom Member Registered

    Check it out now. There has recently been a major patch, which for me at least, fixed the matchmaking issues. Now that it's working, I can say that it's the most fun I've had online in a long time. If only some of my old friends from Halo 3 would still be around...
  7. TitanDolphin1

    TitanDolphin1 New Member Registered

    It's not true that the game is actually broken its just that the matchmaking provided by Bungie is just awful. There would be an easy solution to this if Bungie was willing to spend a bit more cash but I could see it being very expensive. My idea is have dedicated servers for each of the Halos in MCC so that it can flow smoothly for each game.
  8. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    This game is still broken and will never function properly. Even the Halo Channel app freezes on me and just doesn't work. It is a shame because it damaged my great memories of this franchise. And now I have lost confidence in H5. Also, MCC takes up like half my hard drive space. I bitched about that HERE.
  9. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    Wait, it is still fucking broken?


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