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    RUTHLESS New Member Registered

    Has anyone gotten to 10mil for the heists yet? I haven't yet but I'm workin on it!
  2. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    Well, i have to admit, I'm nowhere near to be honest!

    Having said that I am struggling to find enough time to complete these heists at the moment, and more than that, actually trying to get people to join as well.
  3. Tibz1337

    Tibz1337 New Member Registered

    Are we talking abot the Elite Criminal Mastermind challenge, or however it's called? That's freaking impossible dude, you have to be 100% cordonated and you need to plan out things before you even start the heist. I'm not going to lie, it probably feels really good to finish it.
  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    Some of them can be pretty tricky but lets face it, I'd rather them be nearly impossible to complete than be too easy I guess least we'll be playing for a while longer yet.

    Unless we just give up!
  5. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Member Registered

    Well, I've completed all of the heists, so I'm assuming that I'm pretty close to that amount of money. It's not that hard to reach, assuming you have a solid group of friends to play with on a regular basis. You can get hundreds of thousands of dollars per heist without a problem, and then reaching $10 million sounds quite easy.
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    RUTHLESS New Member Registered

    Well, you've gotten closer than anybody I know. I have loyalty to certain friends in GTAV. And I can't ditch them to get the money. One of them messes up a lot but she's still a good friend s, so...
  7. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    That seems to be the issue with a lot of people on GTA online, having people to actually play the game with. I myself only play with a select few, players you know that you can trust.
  8. MrGravyCakes

    MrGravyCakes New Member Registered

    there are so many horrible people on the GTA V Online, its so annoying. I hate it when people leave during the game causing everyone to fail and have to reload which takes ages in the current online system.
  9. Jordan94

    Jordan94 New Member Registered

    My friend actually did that a few weeks ago. I was blown away by it. I simply could not believe it. For the longest time I thought that it was all just a myth, so when I seen that my friend had completed it I was in complete shock. I was amazed. I am now on a mission to complete this heist now.

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