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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 & XBOX ONE' started by DwarvenWarfare, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. DwarvenWarfare

    DwarvenWarfare New Member Registered

    I thought i'd create this so people could share free games they found on Xbox Live.
    I've found a couple of good ones for Xbox Live Gold:

    1. Rayman Legends
    2. It Draws a Red Box
    3. Bioshock Infinite
    4. Doritos Crash Course
    5. Warface

    Please share If you know Any.
  2. medievalmama

    medievalmama New Member Registered

    Are these full version games? My son has downloaded some demo games. I've wanted to try a Rayman games, and my daughter loves the Bioshock games. We have Xbox Live Gold. Any special way to find these free games? BTW, thanks for posting this. I love free.
  3. DwarvenWarfare

    DwarvenWarfare New Member Registered

    Those are all full version games. I found them on the Xbox live 'Games with gold' website ( Just for search them in the Xbox search menu and you should be able to download them. The top 3 in my list are only available for a limited time so get them quick!
    P.S. I love free too; great minds think alike!
  4. westmixxin

    westmixxin New Member Registered

    Is interesting and no idea Xbox 360 was actually handing out some free games online. It's time for me to get online and start downloading. I'm watching Netflix right now my Xbox 360 I might as well go ahead and try to download some of these new games. Maybe I can get some demos.
  5. Hybridlullaby

    Hybridlullaby New Member Registered

    I like that the Xbox lets you keep the games even after you lose gold as opposed to PlayStation who takes them away when you run out of Plus time. They have an update as to which ones will be out at the end of the month if you check around on Google.
  6. dillinger10

    dillinger10 Member Registered

    I can vouch for Rayman Legends, especially if you are a fan of platformers. The game, although simple, is incredibly fun, especially the multiplayer. On top of all of this, the game is beautiful and has great music. I would recommend Legends over Origins, although both are worthy of your time. Great games.
  7. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Member Registered

    #IDARB is "I Drew a Red Box", and it's an incredible game. There are plenty of games that are free through Xbox Live, whether they're on the marketplace or come from Games With Gold. The free games change from time to time, though, so a current list won't remain current for too long.
  8. lastpage

    lastpage Member Registered

    I love getting free games on xbox live. Warface was a good one.
  9. misskrystal1982

    misskrystal1982 New Member Registered

    My kids love playing Doritos Crash Course. They play it a lot, and get such a kick out of it. They love to play against each other and I can always tell when they are playing it. I can hear them yelling and getting excited from the other room.
  10. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    Each month, Microsoft gives away 2 games on Xbox One and 2 games on Xbox 360 (usually). I also posted these freebies each month in our NEWS section.
    Here are the free games for October, for example:
    Microsoft should be announcing the free Nov 2015 games soon. When I hear what they are, I will post in the news section.
    Grab them while they are free!
  11. TheGirlGamer

    TheGirlGamer New Member Registered

    Dishonored is an excellent free game on Xbox 360. At first I was skeptical of downloading it, but it is definitely worth the play. It's a first person action game where you play as a warrior who becomes dishonored when he is falsely accused of kidnapping the princess.
  12. dillinger10

    dillinger10 Member Registered

    Supreme Commander 2 is free through Tuesday. I previously downloaded this through Steam. I would recommend it. It has a deep and engaging storyline that is easy to immerse yourself in and the battle modes are massive. This is definitely a time suck though.

    Borderlands is free starting Wednesday. I don't know anyone that doesn't already have this game in their collection, but if you don't, grab it. Immediately. As an aside, is anyone else here interested in the Borderlands movie in the works?
  13. rz3300

    rz3300 New Member Registered

    Well I do like Doritos, so I just might have to give that one a shot. I do have to say that I never seem to get to take advantage of free things like this so I think I am going to make it point to get on there and look for some of these. I need something to break the cycle of my gaming too, I am starting to get a little bored. Thanks for the share.

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