Favorite Pokemon Game?

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS / DS' started by Squigly, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. skeletal

    skeletal New Member Registered

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is my favorite. After that, I feel like all the pokemon went downhill. I mean, a tractor pokemon? Seriously? I want more cute ones like Cleffa and Skitty, not a fucking automobile!
  2. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    HG/SS was still good. I didn't get into B/W or beyond.
  3. applemusician

    applemusician New Member Registered

    I think Heart Gold / Soul Silver is probably the best game to date. I know it's a remake of the gameboy color titles, but the updated graphics and game mechanics coupled with the vast world and game length make it the best in my opinion. For nostalgia, I'll always like Ruby/Sapphire and their remakes though.
  4. Varian245

    Varian245 New Member Registered

    My favorite Pokemon game is Pearl. I love it so much. It defined my childhood pretty much. I played it so often but sometimes I got stuck in certain places. XD I wasn't the brightest kid to understand what I needed to do. I don't play Pokemon anymore because I don't have the money to afford the latest ones for my 3DS.
  5. mtayp01

    mtayp01 New Member Registered

    Silver and Gold from the old Gameboy Color are my all-time favorites. These two were the last games I played using my Gameboy Color before it finally died out on me. Plus, these are the first two games (I think) that allowed you to explore a whole new region after defeating the Elite 4, and I definitely won't forget my excitement after learning that there still are lots of quests to do and unlock after the credits. At that time, I never relied on anything other than my childhood self's curiosity, so there were absolutely no spoilers from walkthroughs to "ruin" the whole gaming experience for me.
  6. Dav051498

    Dav051498 New Member Registered

    I've played almost every pokemon game (excluding spin offs and gen 6, which I just never got around to playing) and my favorite still has to be Emerald. Something about that game just kept bringing me back. A close second is probably Pokemon X, they added enough to make it distinct without changing the series too drastically. I've probably put close to 275 hours into X and countless more into Emerald.
  7. T3chnology3

    T3chnology3 New Member Registered

    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. This Pokémon generation was the one I liked the most. Everything about it was just so nice (and it still is), which made me buy the 3DS remake. What made me sad about the remake is the removal of the casino. However, overall, it is really well done.
  8. MandyMarieB

    MandyMarieB Member Registered

    You know, I really like the newer games. I will always hold the old ones near and dear (I started on Yellow way back when), but the new features available on the newer games like X&Y and ORAS are FANTASTIC. The thing about my childhood was... I didn't have any friends who played Pokemon. So I could never do any of the online features. Couldn't trade, battle, do the underground camps.. none of it. So now, with the amazing online features that are so easy to connect to... I love it!

    Plus: Amie, Training, and all of those in-game additions are fantastic too!

    Also really enjoyed Pokemon Black/White.
  9. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Member Registered

    Ditto, plus our character gets a villa in the game which is a far cry from having to dig up some cavern and put our stuff there like a hobo ( Though I did try my best to make said cave look fancy and such:p)
  10. Hero

    Hero New Member Registered

    One of my all-time favorite Pokemon game HAS to be Pokemon Diamond or Platinum. I spend 2 weeks trying to beat those games without any guides, google, or anything like that. I played the whole game blind, and complete it 100%.
  11. Picaleto

    Picaleto New Member Registered

    I would say Pearl because it was my first, however I remember being infuriated with the text scroll speed, which means that my favourite would have to be Platinum. The whole underground system was amazing, I was immensely disappointed when I saw they had dropped it. People have said I missed out by not playing the earlier games, but I grew up in the age of Sinnoh and I'm glad about it.

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