Favorite mindless mobile phone game to make time pass?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by HornedDemoN, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. HornedDemoN

    HornedDemoN New Member Registered

    The title pretty much explains what this thread is about. What is your favorite mindless game that helps you occupy your hands or just pass the time?

    I found out that the perfect one for me is the Android game Subway Surfers. There's just something incredibly satisfying about going through all those coins, getting power ups and reaching a new high score (occasionally). But above all, it helps me to occupy my hands when I'm not doing anything, regardless of how silly that may sound.

    Got any more games like that one? I used to play Flappy Bird a lot in the past (high score ~300, oh yeah), but I kind of got bored of it, since most people got too frustrated with it and stopped playing it (not to mention the fact that it was removed from Google Play).
  2. queenbellevue

    queenbellevue Member Registered

    Fruit ninja, Yes chef (also by that same company), Beat sneak bandit is a fun little game as well. Flappy bird is seriously like a black hole where all my time got sucked into.
  3. Aladar

    Aladar Member Registered

    Love Live! is a pretty nice rhytm game, but it is free to play in the worst of sense, so you probably won't be able to pass TOO MUCH time with it. But it's still really fun for the few minutes few times per day.
  4. Aladar

    Aladar Member Registered

    Sorry, doublepost. :( The server is lagging, and it wouldn't show me the message as sent even after refreshing, so I thought it didn't send..
  5. mattattack

    mattattack New Member Registered

    I am a MASSIVE fan of 2048, great for mindless, time sapping fun. While I will admit to having a soft spot for fruit ninja and subway surfers, the app which gets the most time right now is 2048. Also up there for me is dots, and dots 2 (even though its free to play, which i usually can't abide).
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  6. dillinger10

    dillinger10 Member Registered

    My three favorite mobile games from last year were Five Nights at Freddy's, Crossy Road and Threes. I still play Flappy Birds and even Fruit Ninja from time to time also.
  7. SquiffyBubble

    SquiffyBubble Member Registered

    The best mobile games to kill time in my opinion are the Dumb ways to Die games. There are two games in the series, and both are fantastic on time killing. You start with 3 lives, and play different type of minigames to get points. If you don't succeed on the minigame, you will lose a life and won't get any points. What makes the games great are the ridiculous minigames and the animations in them.
  8. skeletal

    skeletal New Member Registered

    Pocket Frogs and Adventure Capitalist are my most-played games right now. Pocket Frogs is fun, you get to breed frogs and hop around in a pond. Adventure Capitalist is simple and slightly pointless, but it's addicting. I'd recommend them both.
  9. androl

    androl Member Registered

    Redline Rush is the one I keep finding myself going back to. It's an arcadey racing game where you have to collect coins and power-ups. You have to keep going as long as you can without crashing at all. Another game I often use to pass the time is PokerKing Online because, obviously, you can play online against other real players. Aside from that, I like quiz games or messing around with music apps just for something to do.
  10. ConcernedHobbit

    ConcernedHobbit New Member Registered

    I'd say Rotate is a pretty good timewaster. The only goal is to get a better high score than last time, and there aren't any other things to worry about. You hop from rotating circle to rotating circle, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and going up. My current highscore is 141 and I've come close to beating it on a couple of occasions.
  11. westmixxin

    westmixxin New Member Registered

    I was thinking and I had to come out with the proper answer. I believe sonic is probably one of my favorite games to play on mobile. That simply because sonic the hedgehog is a fairly simple game that just involves you moving forward pass a few obstacles. So works very well on a mobile platform. Not to mention they're actually doing a pretty good job of piling in an incredibly large amount of graphics into sonic the hedgehog on mobile.
  12. Peachdejour

    Peachdejour New Member Registered

    I play 2048 like a crack addict, except I play the version you can get mPoints on. I can get my mindless gameplay in and points toward gift cards at the same time.
  13. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    I like playing Plants vs. zombies 2 which I know requires a fair bit of attention and brainpower but when you get used to it you don't really have to think that much about it anymore. I like it because you can use different tactics on the same stages so it doesn't get old too quickly and you can play it over and over without getting too tired of it.
  14. Bloom

    Bloom New Member Registered

    I play a number of games to pass the time: 7 Words, Criminal Crimes (Hidden Object game), Ghoul Catchers, and Hidden Worlds (Disney Hidden Object game). Obviously I have a type of game that I am interested in, but typically I go straight to these games when I am bored or waiting for something or someone. For some reason, I haven't been able to get into Angry Bird, Flappy Bird, or even Plants vs. Zombies even though those games are crazily good and popular.
  15. mtayp01

    mtayp01 New Member Registered

    2048 and Twenty! I already mentioned how much I love these games in another thread, but I thought it best to mention it here, too. Just clicking and sliding and matching up numbers and the next thing you know, you've already spent an hour or so playing! Definitely good if you're looking to pass time.

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