Favorite Marty Party game?

Discussion in 'Wii & Wii U' started by Boxcube, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Boxcube

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    With the impending release of Mario Party 10, let's take a look back and discuss the previous Mario Party games.

    Let's rate them on 2 categories, game boards, and mini games.

    Game-Boards: I think the first Mario Party still has the best game-boards. I remember having a blast on Yoshi's island, and DK's canyon level. Even Wario's blast-off board was a lot of fun and could get quite chaotic with other human players playing.

    Mini-Games: I have to go with Mario Party 5 because it had my all time favorite mini-game, Pushy Penguins. It also had so many other classic mini-games that this would an easy choice for me.

    It's good to remissness about old, but good memories!
  2. JoanMcWench

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    I wanted to have an answer here but they all kind of melt into one another. I know I hated the one for 64. Only because it was so difficult to get all the mini games you actually wanted to play with friends.
  3. hellonamesdana

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    I grew up playing the versions for the Nintendo 64, and then years later I got the version for the DS, and then the version for the Wii when that first came out. I definitely prefer the Nintendo version just because of the nostalgia I think, but between the Wii and the DS I definitely prefer the Wii.
  4. GlacialDoom

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    I really liked the Nintendo 64 ones because that's when I was having the most fun with the game along with my friends. However, I really, really enjoyed the DS version because of the fact that with only one copy, you could play with all your friends. That made for a lot of nice Mario Party (and Mario Kart!) sessions in the local park with my friends.
  5. BluBird

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    Mario Party 9. I've played almost all the Mario Parties, and 9 was the perfect breath of fresh air for the series. It was also really fun to use the dice blocks to fuck over the people taking a turn right after you. Nothing beat the feeling of rolling a 0 right in front of 10 mini ztars.

    Also had some damn fun minigames
  6. AFKATafcar

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    I don't have an opinion, but Mario Party 10 is such a terrible game. It's definitely a step back for the series. The game boards are uninspired, and the entire game runs pretty poorly. I went back to playing Mario Party 8 because 9 and 10 are nothing special.
  7. sorrowscall

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    Mario Party 2 was what introduced me to the Mario Party series of games. As one immensely great friend once said "In Mario Party 2, you will lose friendships." As the game itself can become quite the task between four very good and four very competitive friends. Although, I don't think any of us but possibly him lost a friend over the game.

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